A Birthday Card For Nan

Here is a card I made for my beloved Nan, for her birthday.


And Here is how I did it.



You Will Need:

1 x Card and Envelope

1 x Embossing Folder

1 x Shape Die (I used Z-Cuts Leaves)

1 x Sentiment Die

1 x Sheet of Paperstock (I used a Pink Gingham Style Paper)

Green Buttons

Buttons which co-ordinate with your Paper

Glue (I used Dovecraft Adhesive Tape)

Die Cutter



I first used my embossing folder (i used a cherry blossom pattern, but you can use whatever you like) to put a pattern into my gingham paper stock.


I then used the largest of my leaf dies to put a hole into my actual card. I then took my sentiment and cut it from the same paper that I had previously embossed. However, you must make sure you have enough card left to cover the leaf you have just punched out of your card.


Line this embossed piece of paper stock up with your leaf and stick it on the inside of your card, so that the pattern shows through the hole you previously made.



Now stick down your sentiment, and embellish with buttons.


So, what do you think. I had trouble with the sentiment die, as it was so fiddly, and I didn’t have any glue applicators with enough precision. If you have any product suggestions, do please leave a comment! I really would love to hear your ideas!

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