Another Haul…


I have 3 exciting hauls to share with you today! 

The first is this lovely bunch of Drops Eskimo yarns. 11 balls in total. 3 each of the blue, camel and brown colours and 2 of the cream. My friend Anisah is due to have a baby in march, so I thought I better get cracking on making a gift. I love Drops eskimo (I have used it before to weave a blanket for my cat) so thought it would be perfect for a snuggly blanket. And it was in a sale on Wool Warehouse so i got 11 balls for just £15.

The second item is this huge bundle of undyed chunky welsh bred and spun yarn! 1.2kgs in total. Its super soft and squashy – its name means cuddle in welsh so you know its going to be snuggly and warm! I plan to experiment with different dying techniques over the coming months so this should be ideal! I bought it on etsy from a shop called Charlies Angel Fibres. Give it a look!

Finally, I bought a swift! We (my partner and I) have wanted one for a while, and finally I caved and bought it! It should be really helpful in the future – I see so many beautiful hanks of yarn but winding them is a nightmare without a swift, so it just had to be done. I look forward to all the yarns I will now buy now I can easily wind them! 

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