I have now retired this pattern so have removed the pattern from the post. This post remains only to remind me how far I have come in the world of crochet and to keep the photographs of what I have made.

! I finally found time to write up my pattern for my poncho! Success!

I made this poncho months ago, but have really struggled to find time to write it up.
I really love the colours – it was the colours that really inspired me – is saw them sat together in a Tiger store, and just had to make something with them.

Then began the long process of actually making it and getting enough yarn. I used up my first 6 balls and realised I would need a hell of a lot more. But as anyone who has ever bought yarn in a tiger store will know, they only have a small amount at a time. And its not always the same. So I went to my local store. They didnt have any anymore. I had to go up to oxford street where there are 2 stores. The first store didnt have enough. So I emptied them out and made my way to the second store. I emptied them out too! Finally I had enough. It was a palava!

9 thoughts on “Ponchoooooooo!

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  3. HI! I know it’s been a long time since you wrote this, but I just found your pattern through ravelry.
    I have a question, if you don’t mind answering me:
    Does it feel heavy? I have tried before to crochet with tshirt yarn, but I find it heavy to wear, and I end up making accessories (mostly handbags) with it. I have some really beautiful tshirt yarn and I would LOVE to try your pattern.


    • Hello. Thanks for visiting. Honestly, it is a bit heavy. If I did it again I definitely wouldn’t use t-shirt yarn – it’s quite dense. When I wrote this pattern I didn’t have such a good concept of materials. Perhaps a laceyer pattern would work?


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