A New Niddy Noddy!

Wow! Aren’t I lucky!

I am going to be working nights over Easter weekend (that’s not the lucky part), and when I am on nights, that means at the weekends my other half is banned from the house (or at least restricted to absolute silence) so I can get some sleep. It doesn’t bother him so much because it gives him a good excuse to disappear off to a community workshop he likes to go to.
What sort of community workshop, I hear you ask? Well it is called the East London Maker Space. It is a workshop full of awesome tools such as industrial sewing machines, wood and metal working tools, laser cutters, 3d printers, etc. It also has all sorts of groups who meet to do things together, such as electronics. And it is run by its members, so they pay a small monthly contribution and they all get to have a say in how the money is spent and what happens.

Fab right?

Well my partner loves it there.

So, being the good fiancé that I am, I decided to give him a project to work on, And he only already went and bloody finished it a week earlier than expected!

Here it is!

He even put my blog name on it! I have wanted a Niddy Noddy for a while. I have tried spinning yarn on a drop spindle but I was finding that as soon as I unwound it, it lost all of its twist and was unusable. Then I found out that you could set it but that you needed a Niddy Noddy. Now lots of DIY’s will tell you to make it out of PVC piping, but I really don’t have any more space for anything that isn’t flat. My craft stash is full to bursting. So I got my partner on the case and he made me one that is flat and slots together when needed! What a lucky girl I am! I can’t wait to give it a go! I just have to varnish it and then I am ready to go! I am sure I will have some spinning related news by the end of the week! Until then, have a fabulous Sunday!

13 thoughts on “A New Niddy Noddy!

  1. That is amazing! And that workshop is amazing too! Every town should have something like that! Have you decided on a new project to set him on while you get through the overnight shifts? 😀

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  2. it looks great. Im planing to make one myself as soon as I finish my portable workbench top and mount my vice and other tools on it. Actually until now, I just used instead of niddy noddy an upside down chair and winded the wool on it’s leg. works well too 😊

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