My Haul! 

It arrived. Isnt it just beautiful!

You may think I have gone a bit overboard! But I can aasure you, I have plans for all of it! 

This set of Drops Baby Merino is my favourite, probably just for my plans for it. It is lovely and soft and the colours are lovely. I bought these so I can experiment with colours and patterns for my wedding bouquets! How exciting. I will be sharing my trials and experiments with you as I go along on my journey to picking the perfect selection of flowers.

Its hard to get the green colour to show but this yarn is destined to be a shawl in grey purple and pistachio. 

This Drops Alaska yarn is due to become a scarf. I love the way the blue red and pink work together.

Finally, this Drops Fabel yarn will become a couple of pairs of socks. I even got myself a book of patterns to help me on the journey. 

I keep seeing pretty socks on so many of your blogs, I have finally decided to just get on a make some of my own! 

Of course I will share with you all my new creations as they take place!

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