A Bit of Stash Busting

I was flicking through my Ravelry stash yesterday night. I realised I have a LOT of yarn without particular plans. (Well realise is perhaps the wrong word – I have always known I had a problem but had never pondered on it long enough to really see that I needed to do something about it)

So I decided that it was about time I worked out some plans.

Now some of this yarn is destined for octos. And some already has a purpose (for example the Batik Swirl will be a coccoon cardi and the cascade will be a blanket and the drops baby merino will be practice flowers for my wedding bouquet). But a lot of it has no particular plan (29 of these ravelry listings, in fact).

I have put together a que in ravelry (This is the first time I have used the que function) and I am finding it quite useful.

So hopefully I can get cracking on these soon. Then perhaps I can work out what to do with some more of my unruly stash of yarn!

What with a house and a wedding to save for as well as a dream holiday to San Francisco later this year I really need to save the pennies and one way I can do this is to stop buying yarn when I have so much at home.

I also hope following other peoples patterns will help me to improve and expand my skills – following the Last Dance on the Beach pattern really taught me a lot so I hope these patterns will do to.

What do you have in your que at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “A Bit of Stash Busting

    • It is rather fun. I have been using the stash function for a few years now but never the que. I have what my fiance calls drug dealer scales to weigh partial balls and to calculate yardage on unidentifiable yarn.


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