My First Completed Knitting Project

Wahoooo! I finally finished my first ever knitting project. This cute autumnal scarf.

I made it using Knitcraft Hug It Out yarn. It took 600g in total. I used 12mm needles.

It is a basic rectangle with 15 stitches on the needle. I just carried on knitting one row and purling the next until it was long enough. Then turned the remaining yarn into pom poms for the 4 corners.

I will be honest – I really do think I prefer to crochet. I fell so much more confodent as i understand how crochrt works where as I think knitting is still a bit of a mystery. However there are so many beautiful hand painted yarns that really do look so much more lovely in knited projects so I think it is worth perservering.

Anyone have any knitting projects that they think a beginner would get some benefit out of?

4 thoughts on “My First Completed Knitting Project

  1. Nice job! Knitting gets easier with practice, like most things (even crochet!). I was a crocheter before I learned how to knit. It’s useful for decision making for clothing and accessories. Some things are just better knit while others are better crochet.

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  2. Pretty 🙂 My advice to beginner is to pick a project you want, as you’ll be more motivated to work on it. For a previous crocheter…tenstion your yarn the same way, it will make it easier to get the hang of it all, I think. The way the yarn goes around the needle matters, whereas I have been informed that it doesn’t really matter in crochet, and knitting takes longer than (mosT) crochet things, so expect that!


  3. love this. the pom poms are great! 😊 I did a course on learning to knit that you can find over on my blog. some might be a bit basic for a crocheted but I tried to put some tips up about mistakes you might make and stuff. my advice would be to try something more “interesting” in terms of the stitch it uses, even just looking at stitches on “new stitch a day” or you tube and making a few swatches. of course there is ravelry too 😊

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