Whitstable Moon Jumper

Hi all! Another finished object for you today. I am calling it my Whitstable Moon jumper.

 I decided on this name as I made it with the aim of being able to wear it on my trip down to Whitstable last weekend to visit the future Father in Law and Step Mum in Law to celebrate both of their birthdays (they are in the same week). And I took these photographs in Whitstable. On a VERY windy day! 

 I am very proud of this jumper. It fits really nicely (although perhaps if I made it again i would drop a hook size for the ribbing just to tighten it up a bit more).

I used the pattern Sailors Moon Cropped Sweater by Lorene Haythorn Eppolite over at Cre8tion Crochet. You can find it here. The pattern is very well written and is very accurate in its sizing. It is a wonderful pattern. 

The yarn is Noro Haniwa in colourway no.5. An Aran weight yarn which again us discontinued. I got it for a bargain price 2 amd a half years ago from Black Sheep at the Spring Knitting and Stitching show. Normally it would have been around £9 or £10 a skein bought individually but I got a bundle of 10 skeins for just £40! Bargain! Now, I love the forresty hues and the fibre blend of this yarn but it is a slub yarn so it was a little sticky to work with – some of it is really thin and overtwisted and at other points its really thick and barely spun at all. In these bits it was easy to put a bit too much pressure when fastening and snap the yarn. 

Now for the modifications. 

I followed the XL pattern to start with, but on the first row of the body (thr row where you create the beginnings of the arm holes) I reallised that XL would be a smidge too small around my arms, so from that point on I followed the XXL pattern. 

Between Row 5 and 6 of the body I had to add an extra 8 rows to make it long enough. As you can see from the photos, I am quite large chested, and if I had stuck to the pattern the the ribbing would have started half way up my boobs! Not a good look! 

On completing the first sleeve I had to cut it off and start again. The ribbing was far too loose and looked just rediculous. So I tried again, this time skipping the ch 3 spaces at the corners of the yoke instead of crocheting into them. This reduced the sleeve circumference by about 2 inches which pretty much solved the problem. I could have ripped it back but the fragile nature of this yarn meant it would have damaged the yarn beyond ussfulness. 

I am very pleased with my work. I do wish the waist part was more fitted but unfortately a pattern size smaller would have fitted my waist really well but would have been too small for my chest. 

Whilst in whitstable I also came across lots of lovely yarn bombing! Here is just some of the lovely work I saw.

A yarn bombed tree outside the train station.

And some seaside themed knitting and crochet in the highstreet.

The yarn bombing was orchestrated by the Whitstable Yarn Bombers. Look them up on facebook. 

12 thoughts on “Whitstable Moon Jumper

  1. This is so awesome! It looks really fantastic on you. I think you have crafted the perfect sweater because of all the ingredients I happen to love: The yarn was discounted, it was waiting around in the stash so you got some stash used up, you chose a pattern that would look really great on you, you made adjustments as necessary so it would look especially amazing on you, and you had it ready to wear for a special trip. I’m sure you’ll find plenty more reasons to wear this in the future, I see it useful for lots of things!


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