My Kindred Spirit

Today was a lovely sunny day. Probably the first of the year we could spend together, so Chris’ took me to the local bird sanctuary (only 15 minutes walk from my home but I had never gotten around to visiting) and of course, my bag of finished objects came with me to get their moment in the sun.

We saw lots of lovely geese and ducks and many other birds that were much harder to photograph but here are some I did manage.

Some very friendly greylag geese.

Canada geese.

And I especially loved the Egyptian Geese, who had a little pair of baby geese in tow.

They were so little and fluffy!

It’s a wonderful little park which I must go back to later in the year, It also plays host to a butterfly garden (which had no butterflies in it since the flowers were yet to bloom) some bats (I love bats but you have to visit at a certain time to see them) and many species of bird which I expect have yet to migrate back to us)

Anyways, it’s about time I shared my Kindred Spirit Scarf.

The pattern is by CJ Brady. The yarn is Abstract Cat Superwash Merino in colour way Joie De Vivre.

I am really happy with how this scarf turned out.

I had originally thought I would have to reduce it in length by a few rows but actually ended up adding an extra 2 pattern repeats to use up all of the yarn so it’s actually longer than anticipated. I love it.

I especially love how the picots are worked as you go along, as it means you don’t have to add an edging separately. I have never done a CJ Brady pattern before but this one is so lovely, I think I might do some more!

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