I Am Back

Hello All! I am so glad to say I Am BACK!

I finished my course on Monday, passing all of my exams (98%, 99% & 100%) and I smashed my final observation and so that is the first part of my Signalling Apprenticeship out of the way.

Now it is time for me to start signalling real trains full of people! But don’t worry, I will be under supervision by a qualified signaller until I am 100% competent. I am super excited!

But first, a week off. Living in a hotel miles away from home for 3 months, having no spare time, constantly studying and stressing, is exhausting. So I have taken a week off (as do most people who complete the course) to relax. So it’s time for some crochet!

I have 3 projects on the hook at the moment.

My Bryce Bag has seen no progress since I last shared it with you. It’s more of s TV crochet project and I haven’t really been able to watch TV a lot.

I have finally completed my first flattie from this ball of Ice Plaid. And have started an Octo.

And finally, I am making good headway on this jumper. It’s original name is Ombre Colour Block Jumper, but obviously this is not an ombre. So I think it will be called my NWR Jumper – since it is in Network Rail Company colours (completely unintended but quite the coincidence) and it was the project I was working on during my Network Rail Signalling Course.

Princess Max seems to approve.

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