And She is Done!

I finished the sweater! So I am popping in to share it with you.

I figured since I am going to call this my NWR Jumper (I started it whilst on a Network Rail training course, and completely coincidentally I made it in network rail company colours), I thought I should take some Railway related photos! Luckily, I had to take the train to a beer festival yesterday so it presented the perfect opportunity for a few photos.

Here I am with a beer.

The weather was crazy yesterday. One minute it was sunny.

And the next minute it was tipping Buckets!

But we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

The pattern was published in Issue 82 of Simply Crochet Magazine and of designed by Fran Morgan.

I altered the pattern slightly, mostly unintentionally.

I failed to see that the work needed to be turned at the end of each round so I worked it in the round instead until I got to the blue part.

I like a longer jumper so I added a few extra cm to the length measurements given in the pattern.

The sleeves are supposed to to increase gradually for the entire length of the sleeve. I misread the pattern though so did the orange and speckled section of each sleeve before I realised so I had to squash all of the increases into a shorter space. (I don’t frog!).

The end is WYS The Croft in colourway Melby, Norwick and Stonybreck.

I am totally in love with this jumper. I would highly recommend it.

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