WIP Wednesday (18/10/17)

I have to admit I have been a bit hook happy this week – I have had so many ideas pop into my head so have just had to start a new project to get it out. 

As well as my mystery project, which I am still catching up on, (Chris is off to New York this week for work so I will have plenty of time to get through it and not have to worry about hiding it away before he gets home)

And my yellow jumper, which I have made no progress on.

I have started a chunky wrap

And a super soft beanie hat.

Finally I decided to frog back the project I started ages ago using my last Caron Cake and start again. I will still continue with the butterfly stitch but my end goal is now a little different.


Simply Crochet Saturday (14/10/17)

Another edition of Simply Crochet Saturday. I am pleased to share with you this hanging heart hoop.

It came as the free gift on issue 40. You can find it here on ravelry.

This is a cute little project but boy is it fiddly. I particularly struggles getting the second part of the hoop in. It just kept popping out. But I couldnt seem to get it to stay for love nor money. I also found it real difficult to tighten the screw as the yarn got in the way.

I also had to modify it a bit from the original. Mainly in jostling about the number of chains at the beginning of the red circle. 

A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 2 – Candle

Today I am popping in to share with you a candle that I have decorated! 

It was inspired by this photograph initially.

No the origin of this image is actually an old hobbycraft tutorial, but unfortunately I cannot find its origin. However the article where I found the image can be found here, and contains links to a couple of different tutorials for christmassy candles. On further surfing, here and here are links to a few similar tutorials. 

I really love this simple idea – such a cute little decoration! I cant wait to light it up when december hits!

Have you ever had a go at decorating candles? Share your pics or links in the comments! I would love to take a peek!

WIP Wednesday (11/10/17)

Yes it is a day late! To start I apologise for missing last weeks wip update. Unfortunately I didnt get much of anything done last week (I spent most of it cleaning for some reason) and I am also unfortunatley now falling behind on the mystery project. I am 6 squares behind, in fact. I have completed 2 of them but I still need 4 more plus this weeks 4 to catch up completely!

As for my jumper, I am nowhere near finishing it but there is progress – I am now on the second panel.

Thats it for this week. What have you been up to?

Yarn Review – Caron Cakes

Name: Caron Cakes

Price: £10 (often on offer 3 for 2)

Ball Weight: 200g

Yarn Weight: Aran

Yardage: 766 yards

Fibre Blend: 80% Acrylic 20% Wool

You can find projects of mine using this yarn here and here

What Are the Yarns Benefits

The most obvious of the benefits of this yarn are the wonderful colour combos! It is so comforting to have the colour combo picked for you and to know it will all look lovely together. 

Another benefit is the lack of ends to weave in… All yarnies know exactly how infuriatingly boring sewing in ends is. So having such lovely colour changes without the ends to sew in is fab.

The size of the ball is also great – I managed to make a baby blanket out of 2 cakes and a shawl out of 1 cake. It goes far. And the fact that it is already wound into a lovely center pull cake makes it so quick and easy to get stuck into a projects.

What Are Its Drawbacks

The biggest drawback is the price. At £10 a ball it is quite expensive considering it is just acrylic. 

Another drawback is the consistency of the dye – a number of blogs who I follow have renarked to the same effect. It doesnt seem to be as noticable in tricolour and gradiated colourways, like bumbleberry or cake pop, but the rainbow ones seem to have horrible brown splodges in them, presumably owing to the mixing of too many colours on one spot.  

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 7/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 6/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 6/10

Final Score – 19/30

A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 1 – Buttons

For my first foray into Christmas DIY home decor a la pinterest, I bring you my take on this lovely Christmas Wreath canvas.

You can find the tutorial here from Michelle at Crafty Morning. 

This is my take on it.

I must say, this is such a wonderful and simple tutorial – and what a fab result. It makes a fab craft for kids but also a wonderful sophisticated decoration for your home and it uses minimal materials. You could easily make a couple and hand them out as hostess gifts! I am sure anyone would love to receive them! Or perhaps, you could get each child to make a different shape? Maybe a tree, or a snow man or a reindeer. The posibilities are endless! I just love it! 

Simply Crochet Saturday (07/10/17)

Todays Simply Crochet Saturday post goes to this adorable little coin purse.

It came as the free gift on issue twenty eight (one of the first in my collection). You can find it here on ravelry.

I think this is a sweet little pattern and the yarn supplied was lovely. Such a pretty colour and sheen. The pattern was easy to follow. My main criticism however is that the yarn came up short. I was a good meter or two short of being able to finish it completely. I had to omit the last 5 rows of the button flap as I didnt have enough yarn. Its still sweet, but its not quite as nice looking as it should have been. Oh well, these things happen. I did however get more than double the ribbon I needed, so to fill the gap left by the shortness of the button flap I added an extra row of ribbon. Balances it out quite nicely.