Happy Birthday to My Love

I do love a good birthday celebration, and this weekend we celebrated my Fiancé’s 31’st birthday. Here he is looking happy as a sandboy with the birthday gift he got from my parents – a Lubitel 166b Medium format film camera.

His birthday isn’t until Monday but he has to go to Germany to give a speech at a tech conference so we celebrated today with cards and gifts and a lovely meal after visiting Greenwich Market to collect the camera. So now I can share with you my birthday craftiness!

First of all, here is the card I made him.

Did you get the reference? It’s from the video game Portal which is one of his favourite games ever. It isn’t as neat as I would like, but I think for my first attempt at both watercolor painting and paper cutting, I think it is pretty acceptable.

And of course, since in the game, the cake is proven not to be a lie, I too had to prove the cake not to be a lie by producing the cake.

Here it is – on top, the cake in the game and below, my attempt. After spending forever trying to work out how to get the sprinkles on the side of it, I almost dropped it whilst lowering it into the fridge, which I can tell you, was heart stopping moment. Luckily I managed to rescue it, with minimal damage. He loved it!

And of course, in true Me style, I had to crochet him a gift too. And, of course, I finished it whilst he was sleeping on the morning of gifting. Doh! When will I ever learn to be punctual?

This is a Pachimari, modeled on his favourite character, D.va from the Video Game Overwatch. And, I am especially proud of myself as I did not have to buy any new yarn – I was able to complete it using leftover yarn from the Loot Llama I made back in December.

I am particularly proud of the little headphones. I think I managed to pack in quite a lot of detail!

Rudy The Reindeer

Christmas is only a few days away and this is my last Christmas Card post! All of my cards this time feature the one and only Rudolph!

The idea started when I spied a gorgeous reindeer stamp in The Works. I paired it up with a kraft paper pack and a mixed media pad with metallic and glittery papers. Finally I found some gorgeous gold and silver and black and white ribbons in paperchase. 

And whilst I am here, I want to share with you some cards my Fiance made. 

I really like to craft with others, so I try my best to get my fiance crafting with me. He didnt have very much confidence at the start but I think he did a good job. He is definately a less is more sort of person and that came out in his cards. 

Let it Snow!

Ooooooh christmas is getting close! I am so excited! This next week is gonna be super fun, full of festive goodness! 

I am flying by quickly to share a few more christmas cards.

This time all of the parts came from poundland! I got the topper pack, bows, paperstack and washi tapes from the Let It Snow range. On the first card I also used a scrap of glitter card and some die cut snowflakes. 

Oh Christmas Card

Goodness it has been quite some time since I shared with you a card that I have made hasnt it! I dont really find time to make cards so much these days. But christmas time is a great time to get back to it.

I made this random assortment of cards from supplies in my aunties craft stash when I went to visit to make christmas cards. It is quite a mental work out, working with someone elses supplies.

I think my favourite is the 3rd one, with the decoupage topper sentiment. It is so classy!

Stash Busting Sunday (22/07/18)

Another Stash Busting post. Blimey. I am surprised I have managed to keep this up for more than a week! Most unlike me! 

This time around, I worked with a very pretty collection from Wilko’s called … which I bought last time I visited my Auntie. This set included paper, pearls, ribbon, doileys and toppers. 

Here are the cards I made.

I really loved the topper sheet – for the small price of £1 you got a whole load of topper stickers, and each of them came in larger and smaller options, so this makes it so you can have big and little cards that look equally good. (Maybe its only me that fusses over proportions)

And the paper pack is just lovely. It features all sorts of lovely patterns. The theme seems to be butterflies though, so perhaps its time I dig out my Butterfly dies. 

Stash Busting Sunday (08/07/18)

Hi all! Time for another stashbusting post!

This time I am using my Docrafts Folk Florals set. Thats the papers, ribbons and bows. I bought these in John Lewis a good while ago in a sale. The paper pack was only £2 and the ribbons and bows were £1 each and by jove, they have been worth so much more than that. Because the paper pack has such a variety of papers including pages with frames and pages with sentiments you could probably make over 50 cards if you really tried as well as a bunch of super cute gift tags!

Here are the 4 cards I made this time around. 

Arent they sweet? They are a6 in size wich makes them just adorable. I love working with a6 cards as they force you to take it back to basics and really think about what you are doing. 

Stash Busting Sunday (17/06/18)

For this Stash Busting Sunday post I have come over all Disney.

Yes, those of you who know me know I am not a great fan of Disney. I don’t think I ever have been. The only real exceptions are Toy Story (I grew up with Andy so blubbered like a baby in 3 because I too was at that age of growing up and leaving my family and home comforts behind to go to university) and Coco, which was absolutely excellent. However, you cant deny the appeal of such a classic character.

For these cards I used a pack of letter tiles, a pack of pearl embellishments, and some toppers from the Winnie The Pooh paper crafting range from pound land, as well as a sheet or two from their Fall in Love range paper pack and some sparkly glitter paper. Aren’t the little pooh bear and honey pot gems just adorable!

A Card for my Nan

My poor nan had to have surgery on her shoulder recently. I made this card ages ago (back in late april) but her appointment got cancelled and rescheduled so I had to wait to post this until she had received it. She has now had her surgery and is not allowed to use her arm for a couple of weeks until it is healed. 

I made it using a few bits and bobs I got in The Works and some flowers from my Aunties craft stash. 

Making this card with such minimal supplies was what really inspired me to start using up my card making stash. 

Stash Busting Sunday (03/06/18)

Its that time again. Another stashbusting set of cards.

Like in my very first stash busting post, I used a couple of 6×6 kraft cards, and a paper pack and sentiment set from Poundland’s Fall in Love range, with the addition of a sheet of green glitter paper, also from poundland.

In this use of these craft materials, I tried to master an origami flag tulip. I had originally planned an origami flat rose but the photo instructions for the rose I had fallen in love with were very unclear and I could find no video to explain it better. (I feel with origami that a video really does help). Anyways, I still had origami flowers on the mind, and then I found the origami tulip. It is a very simple but lovely way of embellishing cards.
One thing I have realised on making these is that not all paper patterns create such appealing tulips. The pastel tulips are lovely, but, for example, the red chevron tulips are not as lovely. I enjoy the overall impact and contrast on that particular card but the red chevron tulips are just so busy that its quite hard to see the folds and therefor it is not so clear what they are.