Birthday Cards for All

July is a busy month for me – 4 birthdays in the space of 7 days. I always find it creeps up on me, and then bam! I have to make 4 cards a bit quick sticks! And this year was no different.

These are the cards that I made.

I got all of the papers from the same pack. They were all double sided papers so in all of these cases I did a bit of cutting and flipping to use both sides of the sheet! 

I used a happy birthday die on two of the cards and a tag die and my own handwriting for the other 2. This is mainly because I realised I still do not have a generic birthday stamp. I need to work on that.

I then embelished with a little golden washi tape (purchased in poundland) and some blue ribbon in some cases. 

I am very pleased with how the turned out. 

Baby Love

Just popping in to share with you 2 very (VERY) simple cards which I made last week! 

As i said they are both very simple. I think they look a little juvenile, and they arent some of my best work, but I am sure the recipients appreciated them anyways! My biggest problem was that I realised that i didnt have any baby bits in my card making stash! Maybe I need to find some – i hear babys come in droves – and perhaps I am now at that point in my life where there are weddings and babies all over the place! 

Happy (Belated) Mothers Day

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers Day. I hope you were all spoiled by your kids! 

Just popping in to share with you the cards I made for my mum and my nan. 

I made this one for my mum. My mum loves all things vintage and 50’s. I decided to learn a bit of origami. You can find a really good tutorial here.

I made this one for my nan. 

I decided I would like to try making something that didnt require getting out my die cutter or lots and lots of materials. 

I think the style works nicely! 

I cant wait to see what you all got up to for mothers day. I have got behind on reading all of your lovely blogs – I keep meaning o go back and catch up but I keep getting sidetracked! But I am really gonna try to get through some of them by the end of the weekend!

Much love!

Happy Valentines!

Its that time of year again, when the streets are lined with couples holding hands, the shops are full of people panicking and buying gifts last minute, its valentines.

Now, I am not a fan of valentines. I kind of feel like its a purely commercial thing – if valentines was really about love then it wouldnt be neccessary to spend huge quantities of money of flashy gestures. You really shouldnt need a day scheduled for you to be romantic – you should be showing your love every day. 

Having said that, it is nice to have an extra excuse to cuddle up together and tell each other how much we appreciate each other – something that does become a little difficult sometimes. So I decided that I would make a card. This is what I came up with.

I used just a single card pack that I bought in The Works for £3. It has coloured cards and patterned cards and envelopes. I decided to cut the little hearts from the patterned card.
When I had cut out the hearts, I looked at my scraps and decided I actually quite liked the negative spaces, so I used them to make another card. I addressed it from the cat, because she does love her daddy ever so much!

What do you think. I had to keep them simple to minimise the strain on my hands, but I think their simplicity is what gives them their charm!

Another Birthday, Another Anniversary

This time it was my grandads birthday and my nan and grandads wedding anniversary. 

They were actually a week or two ago now but I have had so much going on with my new job and all the christmas posting and christmas sales that I never actually got around to posting a picture of these, so here they are now. 

I really love the card I made for my grandads birthday – I found an absolutely beautiful paper pack in the works. It was £6 but it was so worth it. The paper quality is beautiful, and some are embossed, some have been foiles and some of them are double sided, so you really do get your moneys worth. Whats more, they are man suitable! Hurray! Anyone who makes cards can tell you how god damned impossible it can be sometimes to find good quality man suitanle craft materials that dont have bloody football or cricket or other such macho sports that none of my family like on. So I was over the moon with this purchase.

I am not so keen on this anniversary card however. I really dont have anything in the way of anniversary supplies. Like, at all. Which is silly really – I mean, its not like a wedding or a new birth or a new job where perhaps you would only use the supplies once and then never have a use for them again, anniversarys are a yearly thing that I really should ought to be prepared for, but I wasnt. So this card was very much improvised. I used the edge of some scrap card to give me an edge on which to blot embossing ink in an attwmpt to create something that looked like a cake stand. I then fashioned some cakes out of some papers I got in a pack from poundland. Finally I added a trim of pearls to the edge of each cake. Never again. I know I am not very good at fiddly so you would think I would avoid it, but I guess I am a glutton for punishment, as I keep going back for more! 

Anyways, the recipients were happy, and that is all that matters really! 

Do you have something you keep doing despite being rubbish at it? 

Some More Christmas Cards

I am sure you are all now bored of my christmas card posts, but I have just 2 more to show you.

You see, When I made all of the cards for my sale, I made more than I needed so I could also send them off to people on my christmas card list. However, I did not make enough! Today, I went to write all of my christmas cards and realised I had 14 cards made but 20 people to send to. So out came the card making supplies and off I set. 

Both cards came to me relatively easy. I decided that for speed I would design 2 cards that I could make 3 each of, thus cutting down on time spent decoiding what to do. so I production lined it.

First, I did all of the stamping and applying of the embossing powders where neccesary. then I wacked out the heat embossing tool and did all relevent embossing. Once this was done I embossed all of the card blanks and die cut all the relevent shapes that were neccesary, and hand cut out all of the baubles that did not have corresponding dies (that was the most fiddly bit). Finally came assemblage. I used foam pads to give a bit of height and used a glue pen to stick down the fiddly bits of twine.

I love this first card as it really worked out super well. the paler blue baubles were actually cut from a peice of card that was actually just the backing to a free gift on the front of a magaxine. Waste not want not! And I really enjoy how the shapes in the front mirrored the embossed background.

This second card was a bit of a triumph for me. For a while now I had been wanting to experiment with colouring my stamps. It is something I had been worried about as I worried about my colouring skills and whether it would look too childish but I finally big the bullet and gave it a go and I am actually really pleased with the results. The bow along the bottom was a bit of an afterthought as the embossing folder wasnt quite big enough to cover the entire page, but I really think it just gives it an edge. 
Anyways, I shall be posting all of my christmas cards tomorrow. All things going well, this should mean they drop onto everyones door mats on the 1st of December. One less thing I need to worry about over the festive season! 

Have you posted your cards off yet? Are you an early bird or do you leave it until a bit closer to christmas? 

I am off to liverpool tomorrow night. Training for my new job. I shall be taking a buttload of yarn so prepare yourself for the torrent of projects! 

Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend!