Simply Crochet Saturday (14/10/17)

Another edition of Simply Crochet Saturday. I am pleased to share with you this hanging heart hoop.

It came as the free gift on issue 40. You can find it here on ravelry.

This is a cute little project but boy is it fiddly. I particularly struggles getting the second part of the hoop in. It just kept popping out. But I couldnt seem to get it to stay for love nor money. I also found it real difficult to tighten the screw as the yarn got in the way.

I also had to modify it a bit from the original. Mainly in jostling about the number of chains at the beginning of the red circle. 


Simply Crochet Saturday (30/09/17)

This weekend I am away on a jolly to liverpool to celebrate my birthday! (Its not until 28th of October but I am working nights that week and the way that my rota works out means I have no free weekends either side of my birthday, so we are celebrating early!) So, Today I am only quickly popping in sharing with you this adorable little flower brooch.

It featured as the free gift in issue 43 of thr magazine. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I really enjoyed this little flower brooch. I did initially struggle with the parts where you have to single crochet around the posts of another single crochet. But I managed it in the end. The colours are lovely and for free acrylic its not actually that bad! 

Simply Crochet Saturday (23/09/17)

Isnt it getting nippy at the mo! I am on night shifts right now and I am genuinely contemplating digging out my thermals! 

Having said that, this cold does make me happy. I love it when the weather starts to turn because its a perfect time for jumpers and mittens and spiced drinks and on course its the start of the run up to christmas to me! Why, I plan to start crafting and writing for my christmas craft series very soon (keep your eyes peeled)!

So I think its only fitting that this weeks Simply Crochet Saturday should be on a festive theme.

This is the Festive Flurry snowflake christmas kit which came in issue 50 of the magazine. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I enjoyed making this pattern. The yarn (like many mettallics) was a little hard to work with but I can definately see myself working this pattern again! Maybe it will feature on some of my christmas cards this year! Who knows? We shall see! 

Simply Crochet Saturday (16/09/17)

Today I am popping in to share with you this ‘Just a Little’ notions purse.

It is from issue 57. You can find it here on ravelry. 

This is a very quick little project. It only took me about 30 minutes. I think it would make a great gift for another crafter in your life. I did struggle a little bit with it being in the round though, so I ended up just slip stitching into the first stitch from the previous round and chaining 1 before starting the next round.

I do love the lovely sunny yellow colour! 

Simply Crochet Saturday (09/09/17)

I feel really happy that I am finally making a dent in the list of mini projects given me by Simply Crochet magazine. I buy this magazine on subscription and I love it but I never seem to actually make anything from its vast patterns. 

Today I am sharing with you this little Unicorn ami.

It featured in simply crochet issue 54. You can find it here on ravelry.

I loved this little guy but I did make some alterations. 

Mainly, in ommitting the neck. I tried it with the neck and decided it looked rediculous, (like he had glandular fever or something) and also I found that he just could not stay up right because the neck pushed out the center of gravity too much, so I cut it out and sewed the head straight onto the body. 

My main criticism is the horn – the thread fell apart so quickly when I tried to tie a knot to fasten the horn to the body, that I had to glue the horn instead. On further inspection, Many people said the same in their ravelry notes so Maybe next time I would choose a different yarn. 

Dont you just love Unicorns though. They are so lovely and colourful! And very very cute! 

Simply Crochet Saturday (02/09/17)

Hello All.

For this edition of Simply Crochet Saturday I am sharing with you this little ghosty.
It appeared in issue 49 back in october 2016. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I found this project sitting at the bottom of a box of yarn. I started it a while back, but I wasnt enjoying it at all. It required a 2.5mm hook, but I think this hook was incorrect for the yarn provided. The tightness of the stitches just made it a real chore. So I ripped it back and started again, this time using a much more comfortable 3.5mm hool. This suited thr yarn much better I think, and turned quite a difficult projrct into a breeze. Ismt it amazing what a difference a different hook makes. 

My only slight niggle is that my ghost didnt come out as cute as the one in the magazine. 

It has a bit of a meaty head and no neck to speak of. I read through the pattern a million times and there is no way with the pattern given that you could acheive a neck like the ghost in the picture. It just goes decrease row, then normal row until you start to decrease further at the bottom of the body. I think a neck like that pictured would require two decrease rows, then a normal row then 2 increase rows. Maybe if I make this item again I will give it a go. 

Simply Crochet Saturday (27/08/17)

Installment 2 of my Simply Crochet Saturday series is this adorable little Ami Cactus. 

This pattern appeared in Issue 59. You can find it here on ravelry. 

Once again, it was Quiet Water Craft who inspired me – this time to crack on with my little magazine freebie gifts. She herself had made this little Ami cactus pin cushion, and it was this that reminded me I should crack on.

I found this pattern really easy. The pattern called for a 3mm hook but I didnt have one to had so used a 3.5mm hook instead and there was still enough yarn to go around. Consequently it is a little larger than it was supposed to be, but I love it! Isnt it cute. I particularly love the little flower!