A Post Christmas Haul

Hello! How is your January going so far? Well I hope. 

I recently purchased some more yarn. My other half doesnt mind as long as I have a project in mind so I didnt get told off this time! Yay!

Anyways, the first parcel I received was this gorgeous lot. 

I have 3 cakes of Batik Swirl. Isnt this the most beautiful colourway. It made my other half quite excited too (he loves anything purple). I also got a single ball of batik in a matching grey. I think I will make a coccoon cardi of some description with this lot of yarn, so the single coloured ball will make the bit around the edge. (Is it called the yolk if it goes all around the edge? I have no idea what you call it but I hope you have some idea what I am talking about!)

I also have this lot of lovely cotton yarns. I am sure many of you have heard of Octopus For A Preemie but for those of you who havent, Its a charity made of lots of lovely volunteers who make little octopusses for premature babies. The tentacles give the babys comfort and stop them from pulling at their important medical tubes. I will go into more detail about how it works when I post about it on the 15th, but for now I will just say I have decided to start making for this charity and so this cotton yarn is destined to be turned into little octos! 


Some Recent Hauls! 

just popping in to share with you some recent purchases. I have recently ordered a whole load of Scheepjes Catona. Isnt it marvelous!

I bought all of this so I can make some of the christmassy bits in last christmas’ edition of Simply Crochet Magazine. Now I have a book nook I have a mind to make into a little candy wonderland when I decorate for christmas! A pink tree with candy coloured decorations and gingerbread houses and pompom garlands and the like.

Whilst I am here, let me also show you the yarn I splashed out on in The Yarn Dispensary. It is 4ply Britsilk by the Knitting Goddess, in Blackened Rainbow. It was expensive (almost £20) but it was gorgeous! Worth every penny. This is by far the most expensive yarn I have ever bought though, So it will take a while to work out what I want to do with it. The project just needs to be perfect!

What A Haul

Uh oh. I might have bought more yarn…

Wool Warehouse are having another sale, and this time it is Drops Cotton yarn. You already know I love Drops, so it will come as no surprise to you that I went a bit mad…
There are 45 balls of yarn in total. Thats 2 and a quarter kg, or or 4 km of yarn.

I have 25 balls of Muskat

And 20 balls of Paris.

I plan to make garments with them. Maybe a skirt whith the purple Muskat and a cardi with the yellow Paris.

My Haul! 

It arrived. Isnt it just beautiful!

You may think I have gone a bit overboard! But I can aasure you, I have plans for all of it! 

This set of Drops Baby Merino is my favourite, probably just for my plans for it. It is lovely and soft and the colours are lovely. I bought these so I can experiment with colours and patterns for my wedding bouquets! How exciting. I will be sharing my trials and experiments with you as I go along on my journey to picking the perfect selection of flowers.

Its hard to get the green colour to show but this yarn is destined to be a shawl in grey purple and pistachio. 

This Drops Alaska yarn is due to become a scarf. I love the way the blue red and pink work together.

Finally, this Drops Fabel yarn will become a couple of pairs of socks. I even got myself a book of patterns to help me on the journey. 

I keep seeing pretty socks on so many of your blogs, I have finally decided to just get on a make some of my own! 

Of course I will share with you all my new creations as they take place!

Eeek! The Excitement Is Real! 

Aaaaah! They have arrived! They have arrived they have arrived! And they are so beautiful!

What am I talking about?

My Caron Cakes of course!

I had seen the ages ago when they were first announced. I had seen how crazy people were about them! They create some beautiful gradiented yarn and I just really wanted to have a go!

There was, however, a catch.

Unfortunately for me, and every other crocheter outside of the USA, there was a deal of exclusivity to Michaels stores whick the only way of grtting your hands on them was to pay an extortionate amount of money to get them shipped over. Sad times!

Well, Imagine my exvitement when I read on the wee house of crochet that they would finally be coming to the UK via hobbycraft! 

So for a good few weeks I intently scanned my promotions inbox everyday until finally the email came! They were now available to purchase! 

I might have got a bit carried away – I bought 4 Balls in three colourways! I have no idea what I will do with them but I am sure I will work it out. I think a browse around revelry should straightwn me out!

Until then, happy hooking!

Another Haul…


I have 3 exciting hauls to share with you today! 

The first is this lovely bunch of Drops Eskimo yarns. 11 balls in total. 3 each of the blue, camel and brown colours and 2 of the cream. My friend Anisah is due to have a baby in march, so I thought I better get cracking on making a gift. I love Drops eskimo (I have used it before to weave a blanket for my cat) so thought it would be perfect for a snuggly blanket. And it was in a sale on Wool Warehouse so i got 11 balls for just £15.

The second item is this huge bundle of undyed chunky welsh bred and spun yarn! 1.2kgs in total. Its super soft and squashy – its name means cuddle in welsh so you know its going to be snuggly and warm! I plan to experiment with different dying techniques over the coming months so this should be ideal! I bought it on etsy from a shop called Charlies Angel Fibres. Give it a look!

Finally, I bought a swift! We (my partner and I) have wanted one for a while, and finally I caved and bought it! It should be really helpful in the future – I see so many beautiful hanks of yarn but winding them is a nightmare without a swift, so it just had to be done. I look forward to all the yarns I will now buy now I can easily wind them! 

A Gift for Myself!

Its my partners birthday in a couple of days. Whilst I was noodling around on amazon, selecting a few gifts for him, amazon kept suggesting I buy stuff for myself instead.

Who am I to argue!

I decided that since I had worked super hard over christmas and had just managed to pay off my remaining student overdraft and credit card, I deserved a treat. So this is what I got!

A set of Clover Amour hooks! 

I had put the crochet hooks on my christmas list but sadly was not gifted them. I have been eyeing them up for a while. A lot of my fellow crocheters regard them as the best hooks they have ever had, so I thought it was worth the money. Plus, the crochet hooks I use at the moment are cheap and cheerful sorts and I have been using them for a good 3 or 4 years now, so it must be about time for an upgrade? 

But now I had a dilema! I had a lovely new set of crochet hooks but nowhere to put them! So off to etsy I trotted to find a crochet hook case. And this is what I eventually chose.

Isnt it just the sweetest!

I got it from the etsy shop Sarah Sews It. She has lots of lovely fabric things on her page and there is so much care and attention put into every item! I love it! You should go and check it out!