GUYS! Honestly so excited now! Why? Look!

Isnt this the greatest thing ever. An easy start tag! Maybe I am behind and you all already know about this but I was so excited to see it when it arrived in the post that I had to share this with you all immediately! I think I may have to make everything in Scheepjes Sunkissed now!

Have a happy weekend!


A Bit of Stash Busting

I was flicking through my Ravelry stash yesterday night. I realised I have a LOT of yarn without particular plans. (Well realise is perhaps the wrong word – I have always known I had a problem but had never pondered on it long enough to really see that I needed to do something about it)

So I decided that it was about time I worked out some plans.

Now some of this yarn is destined for octos. And some already has a purpose (for example the Batik Swirl will be a coccoon cardi and the cascade will be a blanket and the drops baby merino will be practice flowers for my wedding bouquet). But a lot of it has no particular plan (29 of these ravelry listings, in fact).

I have put together a que in ravelry (This is the first time I have used the que function) and I am finding it quite useful.

So hopefully I can get cracking on these soon. Then perhaps I can work out what to do with some more of my unruly stash of yarn!

What with a house and a wedding to save for as well as a dream holiday to San Francisco later this year I really need to save the pennies and one way I can do this is to stop buying yarn when I have so much at home.

I also hope following other peoples patterns will help me to improve and expand my skills – following the Last Dance on the Beach pattern really taught me a lot so I hope these patterns will do to.

What do you have in your que at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

2018 Had Arrived…

I must say, I am not starting it in the greatest style – I am working the night shift this week and I am in a load of pain (more than normal). I always suffer from back pain, but the other day I made it worse by falling down the stairs – now I have pain and stiffness in my hips and upper legs and elbows too, not to mention a wacking great purple bruise and a big old patch of carpet burn right across my left arse cheek! Who knew sitting down could be so painful! 

Anyways, enough about my arse, Surely things can only go up from here, so it is time to set some goals for the year. I have decided to be a bit lighter on the goals this year. So here are my goals:

I hope to crochet 6 miles of yarn

This isnt an upgrade to last years goal – I have chosen to aim again for 6 Miles as it was a struggle this year. In the end I did meet this goal in 2017 but only within the last few weeks. 6 Miles is a good milestone to aim for again.

Do and Design more Amigrumi

Last year I really enjoyed making little amigrumi creatures. This  year I want to make more and perhaps even design some!


I have the yarn and the patterns, I just really need to get started!

Reach 200 Followers, 600 Comments and 10000 Views. 

A small upgrade on last years goals, to grow my blog even further.

Publish 15 Patterns

I really enjoy designing and hope to improve my writing skills and publish many new patterns. I have plenty of Ideas already!

And as for Goals for the rest of my life

Be Healthier, Make Healthier Choices

I decided that instead of a weight loss goal I should just strive to be healthier. Pay more attention to what I am eating and how much I am exercising. 

Save More Towards A Deposit

We are well on our way to a good deposit to buy a home – At the beginning of the tax year we plan to open our government save to buy ISA (For every 200 you put in the government gives you 50 extra and you can earn up to 3000 over the course of 3 years) and we have payed off our credit cards 

Get into a better sleep and activity routine

Because of the nature of my work I often tend to struggle to get enough sleep, to eat proper foods, and generally to get into a routine that works. So this year I will dddicate more time to trying to set a healthy routine that I can follow. 
As a treat for getting all the way through that, enjoy this pic of my kitty:

The observant among you may also be able to spot a sneak preview of the Last Dance on the Beach blanket. I will make a post all about it in the next few days so you can see it in all its glory.

What are your goals for the new year? I hope it is a wonderful year for you all! 

2017 in Review

And thats it! Its the last day of the year so it is time to reflect on the goals I have set myself. Did I acheive them? Well lets see. 

Blogging Goals

I am hoping to hit 10,000 views

ACHIEVED – I almost reached this target – I got to 9500 this year. That is still 3 times what I got last year so I am still willing to accept that as a success. And in total since I started I have now had around 13700 so Perhaps I can say I have reached 10000. 

I am also hoping to hit 100 subscribed followers

ACHIEVED – I hit this target in august! As of now I actually have 135! Yay!

I also had in my bullet journal goals to hit 500 likes and 500 comments

ACHIEVED – I managed to reach 915 Likes and 541 Comments. Yay!

Another bullet journal goal was to have created and published 15 new recipes.

ACHIEVED – I published exactly 15. My favourite was the choc orange tarte.

Crafting Goals

The first is to finally get around to taking up spinning.

ACHIEVED – I did indeed manage to start spinning. I spun my first ever hank of yarn in the most wonderful autumnal colourway. Unfortunately my spindle then broke, so now I am looking for one thats a bit more robust!

My second goal is to crochet 6 miles (tracked Via Knit Meter).

ACHIEVED – I crocheted exactly 6.7 miles this year. Thats 10,783 meters or 11,972 yards. Wow!

My third goal is to learn some basic knitting skills

ACHIEVED – I nanaged to learn back in august. I still havent made anything substantive yet but I understand the basics.

To have created at least 12 new crochet patterns by the end of the year.

ACHIEVED – I published 13 new patterns this year. You can find them all on my ravelry designer page, here

Lifestyle Goals

My main goal here is to reach a goal weight of 80kg

CANCELLED – Yeah… Not gonna happen. Whilst we are making some healthier life choices, moving house put a huge dent in out attempts to shed a bit of weight – Maybe next year eh? It would be unhealthy of me to loose this much weight in such a short period of time but I will continue to slowly and surely lose a little at a time. 

Financial Goals

Within the next couple of months I hope to clear most of my debts

ACHIEVED – I actually managed to acheive that in february!

Once that debt is clear, I hope to start saving a significant amount of money per month, to begin to save to buy a house!

ACHIEVED – I am indeed managing to save a significant amount. I recently reached the one year anniversary of sticking my middle finger up and quitting that toxic job I was in where I was constantly sick stressed and angry all the time. I wasnt even being paid fairly so despite regular 40 to 70 hour weeks I was completely unable to pay off my debts or save any money at all, so the fact that In the space of a year, I was unemployed for 3 months, then managed to pay off my debts and am now saving to buy a house makes me feel really proud of myself!

Relationship Goals

As you will probably already be aware, my partner proposed to me back in October! Yay! We had always wanted to get matching engagement rings custom made for us, so within the next few months I would like to have that ring on my finger

ACHIEVED – Funny story… so all of the prototyping went well, we came up with something lovely that meant a lot to us and when we received the final casting we loved them. That was for about two weeks, at which point, we found out I was allergic to silver. I came out in a really gross row of blisters. So I did manage to get my ring. But then I had to get it redone in new less allergy inducing metal. I now love wearing this ring.

By the end of the year, it is also our hope that we will have booked a venue and will therefore have a set date, even though we do not wish to marry for a few more years

ACHIEVED (SORT OF…) We visited our dream venue back in May. It was lovely and we were definately hoping to get married here. But then we had a moment of clarity and realised all this faff wasnt for us. So we have made new wedding plans instead.

Hobby Goals

It is my aim to broaden my film and literature horizons this year. With that in mind, I am going to aim to read 15 new books and watch 15 new films this year!

PARTIALLY ACHIEVED – I am miles off on the reading! I still havent managed even one book – I got so close to finishing The Trouble With Lichen an Metro 2033 whilst on holiday but then we moved house and I lost track. As for films though, I did actually reach my goal of 15. These are Deadpool, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Karate Kid and The Martian, IT, Mother, Blade Runner 2049, The Ritual, Happy Death Day, The Snowman, Jigsaw, Geostorm, The Last Jedi, The Red Turtle and Alien Covenant.
So there we go – I think I did ok – I got a bit behind on 1 or 2 goals but on the whole I managed to acheive what I set out to do! Heres t oan even better 2018. Did you acheive everything you had hoped to this year? 

A Quick Apology

Hi all! 

Just popping in to let you know I havent forgotten about you – I have just been distracted.

I havent posted since November – I am sure many of you will find that at thid time of year blogging takes a back foot as the crafting a preperation take place! I am no different and am spemding every spare moment I have crocheting lile there is no tomorrow – I had hoped to be finishing the final rows of the border of my partners Christmas gift by now but I am still 12 amd a half squares short so really do need to get a wiggle on! 

Anyways I promise I will try my hardest to get around all of your blogs very soon, and will try to make a few more posts by the end of the year. 

How are you all getting on – are you finished christmas prep or are you still miles off. Personally its just the crafting I have left to do, all the presents habe been bought and wrapped and under the tree since December 4th! When will I learn to start crocheting earlier!

Finally, please enjoy this little pic of my kitty, who has already attempted to destroy my christmas decorations about 90 times

My Birthday Celebrations

Good afternoon! How are we all? Today I am just popping by to share with you some of my birthday snaps. My birthday isnt for another few weeks but this was the only suitable weekend to celebrate, so off we went to liverpool to celebrate!

My primary reason for visiting was to get a tattoo from a wonderful artist called Sam at Idol Hands in Bold Street, Liverpool.

Isnt it sweet? It is Chi the cat from Chi Sweet Home, a Manga/Anime that I love.

Our secondary reason for visiting liverpool was the Southport Musical Firework Championships. We both absolutely love fireworks and these were without a doubt the best we had ever seen! There were so many colours and types we had never seen before and for just £16 for 7 displays of 18 minutes each, it really is worth going! You will be amazed! 

We had Icecream on the southport sea front!

Irn Bru and Rhubarb Custard icecream to be precise! (I also had ferrero rocher, bounty and coffee icecream but I didnt photograph them).

We took a wander down the peir, where there was an antique penny arcade!

In order to play you had to convert your modern money into old style pennies. 

And we did a little exploring along the coast (right at the start of the trans penine trail)

And to finish we visited a friend of my partners in Manchester who hasnt been well recently. We spent a total of 5.5 hours on the train yesterday, from southport to Manchester Vic, Manchecter Picadilly to Chester, then Chester to London Euston, across london then from London Vic to home! Phew! 

All in all we had a lovely weekend. It was cold and rainy and windy but it was great!
(If you got this far you may realise it is a bit late – I thought I published it but had actually only set it as draft, hence why you have only been notified now!)  

Introducing… Christmas 2017

Hasnt this year flown by? I dont know what is happening but its only 3 months until christmas! I am excited to say the least! And I thought I should really get on with the christmas crafting. So here it is, my christmas blog plan:


Dont we all spend so much time browsing around pinterest. We put loads of things in our boards and think ‘I will give that a go’ and then… nothing… we forget about it for another year. So this year, I will be going through some of my vast list of pinterest pins and trying to bump a few of them from to do to done.