A New Niddy Noddy!

Wow! Aren’t I lucky!

I am going to be working nights over Easter weekend (that’s not the lucky part), and when I am on nights, that means at the weekends my other half is banned from the house (or at least restricted to absolute silence) so I can get some sleep. It doesn’t bother him so much because it gives him a good excuse to disappear off to a community workshop he likes to go to.
What sort of community workshop, I hear you ask? Well it is called the East London Maker Space. It is a workshop full of awesome tools such as industrial sewing machines, wood and metal working tools, laser cutters, 3d printers, etc. It also has all sorts of groups who meet to do things together, such as electronics. And it is run by its members, so they pay a small monthly contribution and they all get to have a say in how the money is spent and what happens.

Fab right?

Well my partner loves it there.

So, being the good fiancé that I am, I decided to give him a project to work on, And he only already went and bloody finished it a week earlier than expected!

Here it is!

He even put my blog name on it! I have wanted a Niddy Noddy for a while. I have tried spinning yarn on a drop spindle but I was finding that as soon as I unwound it, it lost all of its twist and was unusable. Then I found out that you could set it but that you needed a Niddy Noddy. Now lots of DIY’s will tell you to make it out of PVC piping, but I really don’t have any more space for anything that isn’t flat. My craft stash is full to bursting. So I got my partner on the case and he made me one that is flat and slots together when needed! What a lucky girl I am! I can’t wait to give it a go! I just have to varnish it and then I am ready to go! I am sure I will have some spinning related news by the end of the week! Until then, have a fabulous Sunday!

A Bit of Sunday Fun

Hey all! I am having a lovely relaxed sunday! I hope to dye some yarn and crack on with some crocheting and make some mothers day cards (I am not seeing my mum until next week so were all good)! 

I have nothing crafty to share with you today. Instead, I just want to share this picture of my cat!

She is so goofy looking! 

Dont you just love it when you time your picture just right?

Do any of you have any ‘perfect moment’ shots of your pets? I would love to see them!

Until next time, have a fab sunday and happy hooking/baking/cardmaking/whatever it is you are up to! 

I Am On Instagram!

I finally set myself up with an instagram! Yaaaaaaay!

Its a bit bare at the moment as I only signed up yesterday! 

I just wanted to pop in and ask if any of you guys are on instagram? Let me know and I will pop over to your page!

Also, does anyone have any tips on how to get the most out of instagram? I am a complete newb at this so any tips and tricks are appreciated!

Much love! 

Almost There! 

I have really been unlucky this year so far with ilness! I have had the flu, multiple colds, carpal tunnel syndrome, and now, in the latest bit of bad luck, I am having a lovely case of tonsilitis which yesterday was joined by laryngitis. Yay… so at the moment I am barely able to speak – a feeble whisper is all I can manage. And anyone who knows me knows i love the sound of my own voice and that I love to talk so this sucks! But it has meant I can have some quality sofa time snuggled up in my fluffy dressing gown with hot chocolate, bill bailey on the telly and crochet time. So I am dropping in to tell you this: 

I have almost finished my second GSE blanket!

I have been trying to finish peicing this blanket together for months. I had originally hoped to get it done in time for christmas but with all my other christmas crafting activities and my new job then my carpal tunnel diagnosis, this became an impossible task! But, I am now almost there! I finished peicing it all together at around 1am this morning, so I Just have to put a border on the blanket and sew in all of the ends (eurgh…) and then I am done! 
Does anyone else find a massive sense of satisfaction when they finally finish a large project they have been working on for a while! 

Keep your eyes peeled – I have a feeling that the end is near! 

Some More Resolutions!

This last week has been really annoying. I cant really crochet as many of you will know because I am trying to heal my wrists and hands after finding out I am in the early stages of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking about crafting and what I will do once my hands get better. And in the process, I appear to have come up with 2 more resolutions for this year.

The first is to completely get through all of my cheap acrylic yarns. I have a lot of cheap acrylic yarn lying about taking up space with no purpose. So I have decided that by the end of this year, I would like to have gotten through my stash so that I can have an acrylic free yarn collection. I think I will make small blankets and little toys with them then deliver them to Battersea Dog and Cat Home to keep their puppies and kittens warm and entertained! 

The other resolution is to learn a few more stitches. In the absence of being able to crochet, I have been noodling around pinterest and have seen loads of pretty stitches that I feel like I should know but dont! So watch this space! Hopefully my repetoir will be expanding soon!

Everything Magical and Sparkly

OMG! I dont know if any of you subscribe to Simply Crochet magazine, but this months edition is just the best yet! I love It! I just had to share with you all how awesome it is! Look at all the pretty things in it:

Rainbow Star Lamp Shade

These totally adorable Tiny Hot Air Balloons

This Rainbow Granny Cardi

These totally awesome Unicorn Slippers

These Peachy Socks

And best of all, the free gift is the pattern and supplies to make this little chappy!
Oh I am so excited. I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING! As soon as my hands get better, I know what I will be doing!

Disaster Strikes!

Sorry I have been silent for a few days. I have been getting pains in my wrists for about 2 weeks now. I went to the doctors yesterday morning because it was starting to make my work and my life really difficult. I can barely open doors or lift a coffee pot! And the unthinkable has happened. I am in the early stages of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands.

What does that mean?

It means I have a notice of restricted duties at work meaning no manual handling. It means I have to wear wrist supports. It means I need to rest my hands as much as possible. Worst of all, I cant play video games, I cant make cards and I cant crochet!  For a month or until the pain improves.

I feel lost. I spend all my waking minutes either being creative with my hands or playing video games. 

And I could just ignore the doctor and do them anyway, but then I risk doing further, more permenant damage to my hands. Its a real test of self restraint.

Luckily for you guys I have patterns that just need writing up, so hopefully you will still get to see pretty crochet things. But I wont be able to make anything new until the pain goes away.

Do you have any suggestions? How do you cope? Are there any exersises you reccomend to strengthen my wrists. What do you do when you cant do what you love? How do you keep your creativity flowing when you cant actually make anything? Please help! I feel like I dont know what to do with myself.