Simply Crochet Saturday (07/10/17)

Todays Simply Crochet Saturday post goes to this adorable little coin purse.

It came as the free gift on issue twenty eight (one of the first in my collection). You can find it here on ravelry.

I think this is a sweet little pattern and the yarn supplied was lovely. Such a pretty colour and sheen. The pattern was easy to follow. My main criticism however is that the yarn came up short. I was a good meter or two short of being able to finish it completely. I had to omit the last 5 rows of the button flap as I didnt have enough yarn. Its still sweet, but its not quite as nice looking as it should have been. Oh well, these things happen. I did however get more than double the ribbon I needed, so to fill the gap left by the shortness of the button flap I added an extra row of ribbon. Balances it out quite nicely. 


Introducing… Christmas 2017

Hasnt this year flown by? I dont know what is happening but its only 3 months until christmas! I am excited to say the least! And I thought I should really get on with the christmas crafting. So here it is, my christmas blog plan:


Dont we all spend so much time browsing around pinterest. We put loads of things in our boards and think ‘I will give that a go’ and then… nothing… we forget about it for another year. So this year, I will be going through some of my vast list of pinterest pins and trying to bump a few of them from to do to done. 

Some Recent Hauls! 

just popping in to share with you some recent purchases. I have recently ordered a whole load of Scheepjes Catona. Isnt it marvelous!

I bought all of this so I can make some of the christmassy bits in last christmas’ edition of Simply Crochet Magazine. Now I have a book nook I have a mind to make into a little candy wonderland when I decorate for christmas! A pink tree with candy coloured decorations and gingerbread houses and pompom garlands and the like.

Whilst I am here, let me also show you the yarn I splashed out on in The Yarn Dispensary. It is 4ply Britsilk by the Knitting Goddess, in Blackened Rainbow. It was expensive (almost £20) but it was gorgeous! Worth every penny. This is by far the most expensive yarn I have ever bought though, So it will take a while to work out what I want to do with it. The project just needs to be perfect!

Simply Crochet Saturday (16/09/17)

Today I am popping in to share with you this ‘Just a Little’ notions purse.

It is from issue 57. You can find it here on ravelry. 

This is a very quick little project. It only took me about 30 minutes. I think it would make a great gift for another crafter in your life. I did struggle a little bit with it being in the round though, so I ended up just slip stitching into the first stitch from the previous round and chaining 1 before starting the next round.

I do love the lovely sunny yellow colour! 

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dads 46th birthday was a few days back, so I am just popping in to share with you the card I made him.

I hope you can tell, but if not, it is a Shirt. I really enjoyed making this card. It was just such fun. 

I used just some check paper, a multi layer precut sentiment set and some buttons, with a simple black fountain pen for the stitches.

What do you think. I think this is my best work in a while!

Simply Crochet Saturday (02/09/17)

Hello All.

For this edition of Simply Crochet Saturday I am sharing with you this little ghosty.
It appeared in issue 49 back in october 2016. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I found this project sitting at the bottom of a box of yarn. I started it a while back, but I wasnt enjoying it at all. It required a 2.5mm hook, but I think this hook was incorrect for the yarn provided. The tightness of the stitches just made it a real chore. So I ripped it back and started again, this time using a much more comfortable 3.5mm hool. This suited thr yarn much better I think, and turned quite a difficult projrct into a breeze. Ismt it amazing what a difference a different hook makes. 

My only slight niggle is that my ghost didnt come out as cute as the one in the magazine. 

It has a bit of a meaty head and no neck to speak of. I read through the pattern a million times and there is no way with the pattern given that you could acheive a neck like the ghost in the picture. It just goes decrease row, then normal row until you start to decrease further at the bottom of the body. I think a neck like that pictured would require two decrease rows, then a normal row then 2 increase rows. Maybe if I make this item again I will give it a go. 

WIP Wednesday (23/08/17)

I have had a super productive week this week. Yay productivity. I have been on the night shift so have had plenty of time to get cracking on projects.

I finished the Chevron Infinity scarf, So I will be posting a pattern for that soon. 

I also managed to make a matching hat. This is also complete, I just have to photograph it and write up the pattern. Here is a sneak preview:

I started on a project to finish my last Caron Cake. This time it is Bumbleberry, and I am trying out butterfly stitch. Isnt it sweet? I am not sure what this will be yet, but I am sure it will be lovely!

I started to make this cute bunting out of the leftovers from my chevron scarf and matching hat.

And I have startred work on a mystery project…

I am only one square in at the mo. I did get half way through a second square last night, but then realised I had lost a star stitch in the second row so had to frog it back and then my carpal tunnel started giving me problems so I put down the hook and rested my wrists. I call it a mystery project. I am sure the observent amongst you can probably already guess what it is going to be, but I cant be specific as it is the start of a christmas present I intend to give to my Fiance. What I will say though is WOW! Isnt Scheepjes colour crafter lovely and soft and light! 

Finally, I made a start on some Fibre Flux Strawberry Blossom slipper socks using Sirdar Big Bamboo. I am using a 10mm instead of the 9mm they suggest but I do have large feet and thick calfs so this should be ok. By my calculations, I should have enough yarn to make them a little longer. 

What have you been up to this week?