WIP Wednesday (09/08/17)

Hello all! Another WIP wednesday post. I am finally getting into the swing of them now!

My Chevron Infinity Scarf is coming on a treat. I have completed another 9 rows taking me to 61.

My Shawl is done! Yay! I just got so carried away with it that it was finished in no time! I just need to block it and type up the pattern and then I will be ready to share it with you in all of its glory. Here is a little teaser for the time being though.

Whilst searching for a hook yesterday I found a little WIP I had forgotten about. An Amigrumi ghost, from the front of one of the magazines, so I plan to continue that.

And I have decided that I will next make a start on the little Cactus pin cushion which came free with  Simply Crochet magazine recently. 

What are you working on?

WIP Wednesday (02/08/17)

I always like to keep my WIP’s under control. I like to finish one project before I start another. But yesterday I just really had the urge to start a shawl. So today I did. 

I started this today and am 13 rows in. I am using one of my caron cakes. 

And this is the infinity scarf I started work on a few weeks back. I am now on row 52. Thats 37 rows since last week, mainly due to the fact that my colleague called in sick in reception so I had to cover him yesterday meaning in between signing in contractors and issuing security briefs to new station staff, I had plenty of time to crochet and drink coffee. Yaaaay! I also spent a considerable amount of time re-organising my pinterest boards properly and dreaming up the idea for my shawl. 

What are you working on? 

WIP Wednesday (26/07/17)

This week, I Have started working on a scarfy snood type thing!

I have completed 15 rows so far. Its working up lovely and quick as it is a chunky yarn (Drops Alaska). And I love the colours together too. I loved the way they looked together in my basket and I love the way they look together in person even more!

My favourite thing though is how the simple hdc stitches create a sort of rib along the chevrons, and depending on which way around you look at the work you get one rib in the middle or 2 along the edge. Just a lovely bit of unexpected  texture! Dont you just love it when a simple stitch surprises you with a little bonus?

WIP Wednesday (18/07/17)


I am very pleased to tell you this wednesday that I have finished the purple and pink doggy blanket (a post will be posted this week about it once I have sewn in all of the ends. 

And the preemie octopus is just 12 stitches and some stuffing away from completion! 

Yaaaay! I dont know what I want to make next. Any suggestions?

WIP Wednesday (12/07/17)

Just a quick one today. The octopus is still as was. My battersea doggy blanket has grown another few rows – 10 to be precise. If my calculations are correct, i should have another 5 rows left. 

I am working nights again this week so hopefully both the octopus and the blanket will be finished. 

WIP Wednesday (05/07/17)

Ok its friday. You know the drill. Blah blah blah… I will try next week… 

Anyways. I have 2 WIP’s as last week. 

The octopus is still as was. The thread came to embroider the face on, I just havent had a chance. 

But I have done another couple of rows on the doggie blanket. 

I also have another super exciting WIP of a kind to show you!

Technically its finished it but I can call it a WIP cause it still has to heal so its not fully finished yet! My 7th tattoo. What do you think? I love it! Its done by a lady called Keely at Jolie Rouge on the Caledonian Road. You can see her other work on her instagram – KeelyGlitters.

WIP Wednesday (28/06/17)

Yet again, published on the thursday. Oh well. 

There seems to be a theme to todays WIP post. That ever irritating problem of not having the supplies you need. 

I still havent got any further on the purple doggy blanket. I ran out of yarn but it wasnt quite square enough to be finished. Hopefully I can find some more yarn to finish. I am sure I only have a few more rows left to do. 

I also started to design my very own preemie octopus. 

Unfortunately, I could not go any further as I had no black thread or yarn with which to embroider on a face, so that project too came to a halt, whilst I run out to get some thread.

On another note, does anyone else find it super hard to photograph pastels? What tips or advice do you have?