WIP Wednesday (22/11/17)

What a great week! I Have been super productive since my last post! 

I managed to complete the base of my gingerbread wreath. I used up 3 entire balls of Scheepjes Catona. I had to add a few more rows to the original 60 as I accidentally bough a 30cm ring instead of a 25cm. It took a lot of hard grafting to stretch it around the wreath and sew it up but I managed it. Now I am working on the decoration part, which should be a lot quicker and less boring. 

I have finally hit the halfway mark on the mystery project. I am well off where I should be on my previous projection (whereby I had decided to work 4 squares a week and be able to start werig it all together by early december) but I am making progress so that is still good! 

And I have made quite a bit more progress of my mustard jumper. I have pretty much finished the main body parts (just 2 more rows to go) so now I just have tp sew them together and make the neck line and sleeves.

The scarf hasnt grown but its not a priority so I am not thinking of it at the mo. 


WIP Wednesday (09/11/17)

Hello all. Time for another WIP wednesday.

I finished the mittens to go with the hat. I have just finished writing up the patterns so I shouldnt be far off publishing.

I am no further along on the scarf – I am not too worried about it though as other projects are taking priority.

Those projects are the continuation of my partners christmas gifts and starting on a christmas wreath. I am still super behind on the myatery project but I am getting there. I am covering holiday in reception today and friday so hopefully it will be a quiet one and I will be able to get some quality crochet time in. I hope to get to the 50% point by the end of my shift on friday night. 

The wreath is just beginning so its nor terribly interesting right now but here it is anyway.

Once complete it will look something like this.

It is a pattern from one of last years christmas editions of Simply Crochet Magazine. The base of the wreath is done with three strands held together so its working up christmas. And its in cotton so is lively to work with. This is my home time project (since I cant crochet chris’ Christmas gift in front of him).

Am i the only one that is now starting to panic a bit – all the farmiliar reminders of christmas are creeping in, the christmas cups in the coffee shops, the first christmas advert of the season, the cristmas lights erected in the town center awaiting their switch on date, and of course the sudden drop in temperature that we have had this last week. And I am still nowhere near ready! Better get a mooch on eh!

WIP Wednesday (01/11/17)

I have made some good progress this week.

The mustard coloured jumper hasnt grown, nor has my pile of squares for my partners christmas gift.

However, I finished the hat and am now half way through making matching hand warmers. By which I mean I have 1 hand complete, so just have to copy that to make the second. 

The chunky wrap has evolved somewhat. I habe ripped it back and tried again 3 times since my last post, and have since decided to make a scarf instead, in star stitch. Its super chunky and soft so should be snuggly and warm when I come to wear it. 

WIP Wednesday (18/10/17)

I have to admit I have been a bit hook happy this week – I have had so many ideas pop into my head so have just had to start a new project to get it out. 

As well as my mystery project, which I am still catching up on, (Chris is off to New York this week for work so I will have plenty of time to get through it and not have to worry about hiding it away before he gets home)

And my yellow jumper, which I have made no progress on.

I have started a chunky wrap

And a super soft beanie hat.

Finally I decided to frog back the project I started ages ago using my last Caron Cake and start again. I will still continue with the butterfly stitch but my end goal is now a little different.

WIP Wednesday (11/10/17)

Yes it is a day late! To start I apologise for missing last weeks wip update. Unfortunately I didnt get much of anything done last week (I spent most of it cleaning for some reason) and I am also unfortunatley now falling behind on the mystery project. I am 6 squares behind, in fact. I have completed 2 of them but I still need 4 more plus this weeks 4 to catch up completely!

As for my jumper, I am nowhere near finishing it but there is progress – I am now on the second panel.

Thats it for this week. What have you been up to?

WIP Wednesday (27/09/17)

Gosh this week I have got a lot of crocheting done. 

Firstly, I reached the 25% mark on the squares required for the mystery project – I have done one of every pattern and have now started from week 1 again. I currently have 14 squares complete and am on my fourth colour. 

And I started this

I initially planned for it to be a poncho but have had a change of heart and have now decided it should be a slouchy jumper instead. I really hope to have completed it in the next few days, as I would love to be able to wear it during my birthday celebrations this weekend. We shall see.

Of course, I still really want a poncho and I really REALLY love this yarn so I might have ordered some more…

Finally I have finished the components for my Hook a Heart bunting. I just need to get them together. 

Next week I hope to have many WIP’s. I finished my night shifts this morning, and I dont have to return to work until October 16th, so I forsee plenty of craftyness in the coming days! And I will be starting to make preperations for my christmas crafting blogs for this year! Keep your eyes peeled!

WIP Wednesday (20/09/17)

I always find it hard to be productive in weeks where I am working early shifts. I am not a morning person at all so having to get up at 5am for a 7am shift just completely exhausts me! However I had monday and tuesday off an managed to be quite productive.

I have completed 4 more mini projects, which I will share over the next few weeks. 

I have completed a few more squares for my mystery project – the colours are really starting to come together. And I am only one square away from having tried all of the patterns available. Its really comoing together. Almost a quarter of the way there!