WIP Wednesday (18/10/17)

I have to admit I have been a bit hook happy this week – I have had so many ideas pop into my head so have just had to start a new project to get it out. 

As well as my mystery project, which I am still catching up on, (Chris is off to New York this week for work so I will have plenty of time to get through it and not have to worry about hiding it away before he gets home)

And my yellow jumper, which I have made no progress on.

I have started a chunky wrap

And a super soft beanie hat.

Finally I decided to frog back the project I started ages ago using my last Caron Cake and start again. I will still continue with the butterfly stitch but my end goal is now a little different.


WIP Wednesday (11/10/17)

Yes it is a day late! To start I apologise for missing last weeks wip update. Unfortunately I didnt get much of anything done last week (I spent most of it cleaning for some reason) and I am also unfortunatley now falling behind on the mystery project. I am 6 squares behind, in fact. I have completed 2 of them but I still need 4 more plus this weeks 4 to catch up completely!

As for my jumper, I am nowhere near finishing it but there is progress – I am now on the second panel.

Thats it for this week. What have you been up to?

WIP Wednesday (27/09/17)

Gosh this week I have got a lot of crocheting done. 

Firstly, I reached the 25% mark on the squares required for the mystery project – I have done one of every pattern and have now started from week 1 again. I currently have 14 squares complete and am on my fourth colour. 

And I started this

I initially planned for it to be a poncho but have had a change of heart and have now decided it should be a slouchy jumper instead. I really hope to have completed it in the next few days, as I would love to be able to wear it during my birthday celebrations this weekend. We shall see.

Of course, I still really want a poncho and I really REALLY love this yarn so I might have ordered some more…

Finally I have finished the components for my Hook a Heart bunting. I just need to get them together. 

Next week I hope to have many WIP’s. I finished my night shifts this morning, and I dont have to return to work until October 16th, so I forsee plenty of craftyness in the coming days! And I will be starting to make preperations for my christmas crafting blogs for this year! Keep your eyes peeled!

WIP Wednesday (20/09/17)

I always find it hard to be productive in weeks where I am working early shifts. I am not a morning person at all so having to get up at 5am for a 7am shift just completely exhausts me! However I had monday and tuesday off an managed to be quite productive.

I have completed 4 more mini projects, which I will share over the next few weeks. 

I have completed a few more squares for my mystery project – the colours are really starting to come together. And I am only one square away from having tried all of the patterns available. Its really comoing together. Almost a quarter of the way there! 

WIP Wednesday (13/09/17)

Well, I have had a fairly busy week, so havent managed much crocheting. Here is my WIP list for this week. 

I am now working on my 8th square for the mystery project. I love how the project is challenging me to use new techniques! I worked out that I need to complete 4 squares a week to comfortably complete the project by christmas. I am currently on my fourth of this week. If I stick to that guide line, I should be ready for joining and edging by late November. Heres hoping!

I am also still working on the hook a heart bunting. I am almost done though so hopefully this WIP will be an FO before next weeks WIP post.

Finally, I learned  to knit this week! I will be elabourating more in a post specifically about knitting but for now here is my very first knitted WIP! Its only a swatch but its a start!

WIP Wednesday (06/09/17)

Once again my carpal tunnel has just started playing up. But I did make a little progress this week. 

I made 3 more squares for the mystery project. I skipped a couple patterns as I struggled with them so I am working up to them with the other slightly easier patterns. 

You may notice I am not following the preset pattern layout. I decided that I wanted to use different shades of purple with a little added contrast using grey for some squares and the border. And Instead of making the 4 squares of each pattern in the same colour, I want them to be assorted. 

On the note of Scheepjes yarns, as I remarked last time, its lovely and light and soft, but my god, It tangles up so bad! And the fluff piles up into matts around the tangle! No kidding, today I was showing my auntie how to C2C, when I found a tangle. It took me, my Nan and my Aunt (2 experienced yarncrafters AND An extremely experienced seamstress) over an hour to work through the tangles, and even then, we couldnt salvage about 10g of it! Luckily they tell you to get enough yarn that there is a large surplus, so It isnt a disaster, but it is annoying. 

Wip Wednesday (30/08/17)

Good afternoon all.

Unfortunately I have no progress to share in the works in progress area. My carpal tunnel syndrome really has been giving me a lot of grief recently, so I had to put down my hooks this whole week. Seems that last weeks burst of creativity has slowed me down this week. It is starting to feel better so maybe I can get back to crafting soon. Until then, its plenty of rest and wrist braces for me.

So today, instead, I thought I would share with you what I hope to have as WIP’s or FO’s in the near future.

Whilst unpacking more boxes from the move, I came across more little projects from Simply Crochet magazine. 5 more, in fact, so I plan to plough through those soon.

I really want to start on my first ever cardigan or jumper soon. Here are a couple of patterns I like the look of. The first is Drops 176-18 Sahara second is Drops 169-15 Seashore Bliss Unfortunately, whilst I love the designs, I find that drops’ patterns are quite hard to read – I think it is to do simply with the way they are formatted. Does anyone else find this.

I was inspired by this image on Pinterest and now really want to make a poncho. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the original source – only people sharing the images without reference to origin, but I would love to try something similar.

I really feel inspired to get more garments made – and also to start making for Christmas. Anyone else getting that Christmas itch… Its not far away, now that summer is all but over!

The good news is I will have two patterns to share this week. I just need to take photographs. Keep your eyes peeled.