Another CAL (lord help me)

So as we have seen, I am pretty rubbish at being organised with CALs. I mean, the Last dance on the beach took me forever and the Pick and Mix blanket still hasnt been started but I feel optomistic with this one.

Isnt it a beauty? Its called the Hook and Learn blanket.

The idea is that it uses 12 different stitches in different blocks so is a real sampler blanket.

Anyways, I got my inspiration whilst I was cuddled up on the sofa surrounded by crocheted blankets reading my copy of Simply Crochet Magazine. There are 2 yarn choices shown on the page – one in Scheepjes River Washed and one in Colour Crafter. And then I remembered I had loads of colour crafter left from my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. 5 and a half balls worth to be precise.

Its only a 9 ball blanket all told so I would only need to do a top up shop for supplys. This could be a great way to use it all up and to enjoy making amother blanket without much more financial outlay! One of the things I really enjoyed about my last CAL was learning so many new stitches! So off I trundled to wool warehouse and picked up 4 more balls. This is what I got. (The 4 at the top)

I love purple but dont want it to be exactly the same colour as my Last Dance blanket. So I added some teals and turquoises to the mix.

Dont they look lovely together? I cant wait to see how it works out. And hey, maybe I will even keep up with this CAL for a change!


#Octopledge2018 February Donations

I managed to complete and send 8 little critters to my co-ordinator this month, fulfilling my pledge to send 2 a month. Here they are.

4 octos, 4 flatties.

Top Row

Octo 1 – Made using 18.2g ICE Jeans – Going to a Preemie

Octo 2 – Made using 17g Sirdar Cotton Prints in Summer Meadow – going to a Preemie

Octo 3 – Made using 20g Ice Jeans – Going to an Angel – My co-ordinator commented that there were a few holes where she could clearly see a change in tension.

Octo 4 – Made using 20g King Cole Cottonsoft Crush in Rainbow – going to a Preemie

Bottom Row

Flattie 1. 6g of Ice Jeans, 4.63g of Scheepjes Catona – going to a Preemie

– going to a Preemie

Flattie 2. 6.6g Sirdar Cotton Prints, 5.32g Scheepjes Catona

– going to a Preemie

Flattie 3. 6g of Ice Jeans – going to a Preemie

– going to a Preemie

Flattie 4. 5.05g of Sirdar Cotton Print, 3.24g Scheepjes Catona – going to an Angel – as you can probably see the tentacles are far too long for such a small head!

– going to an Angel – as you can probably see the tentacles are far too long for such a small head!

I am so proud of my improvements! When you think. My first batch had only a 33% success rate. This batch had a 75% success rate! That is a huge improvement. Who knows. Perhaps next time I will be able to tell you they all went to Preemies!

WIP Wednesday (28/02/18)

How is it already the end of February! Where does the time go! And what is with this snow! I love snow and growing up in kent we only got a little snow every few years and it was nothing to write home about. Over the last few years the amount of snow across the country has vastly increased but now I live in london (which has its own microclimate due to the sheer amount of pollution and the sheer number of people and businesses and homes creating so much heat) we still only see a little snow which melts away and only very rarely sets. So this has been bloody fantastic!

Here are some photographs I took whilst out on a walk yesterday.

And I have woken up and its even deeper this morning! My only slight problem is that I start night shifts tonight and Victoria station is probably actually colder than the outside! As it has enourmous entrances on one side for the trains and on the other end for people its like sitting in an enourmous wind tunnel! I just hope I dont get snowed in to work overnight!

**Edit I am now at work and its so bad its snowing inside…***

Anyways, Its Wednesday, so that means its time to look at my WIP’s for the week.

My Knitted scarf hasnt had much progress this week as I have been focussing on my jumper.

The jumper is getting along nicely. I am working on the sleeves at the mo so I hope to finish by next week when I visit my auntie so I can show off my first ever garment to her and my nan! Unfortunately its geting a bit hard to carry with me and do on the train so its now more of a home project. It takes up nearly my entire rucksack!

So whilst I was on the bus to Bethnal Green last night for a comedy gig, I started my first jellyfish of March.

Februarys Makes

Its the end of the month again so here is my months makes. This month I have not completed as many as last time.

First, I finished 4 Octos

I then halted octo making for a moment to complete my Locker Pouches.

With some leftover yarn from the locker pouches I made this little jellyfish.

I then continued with the octos and made 4 flatties (which I will give more detail about in my #octopledge post.

I had hoped I could finish this month with my jumper but it wasnt to be. However, I am certain I can finish it within the next week.

Portrait Journey 2

I made this picture of my other half shortly after making my self portrait.

And this is the picture I was working from.

The eyes arent quite right and there isnt enough forehead (my partner has quite the forehead) but again, I am quite pleased and he quite liked it. Now to get on with some tutorials and learning how to do the finer details.

My Portraiture Journey

I have been watching a lot of portrait artist of the year recently. Despite being terrible at painting and not ever being particularly skilled at art I really enjoy watching the paintings coming into form.

Anyways, I was wandering round the shops yesterday and I just got this overwhelming urge to draw. So I bought myself an inexpensive sketch book and a set of charcoal pencils. And off I went.

I decided at first to start the journey by doing a self portrait just as it came out. Here is what I managed.

And here is the photo it is based on.

I am actually really pleased for a first attempt. I was expecting it to be a lot more juvenile and haphazard. I was never terribly good at art and havent tried to draw anything in a good decade at least. Granted its not perfect but its certainly looks like me and without prompting my other half was able to recognise that it was me.

I found a real joy in creating this picture. It made me really happy to see it come together.

Now I have this in the first page of my notebook as a start mark I think I would like to start learning the finer details of portraiture and learning the finer details of drawing eyes and mouths and ears and such. Then maybe I can move on to different mediums.

Exciting plans for the future.

WIP Wednesday (21/02/18)

I am working on two projects at the moment.

The first is my first ever knit scarf. I have now got to the end of my first ball of yarn (Knitcraft Hug It Out) so before I can go any further I need to youtube how to change yarn. Does anyone have any particular suggestions for good knitting tutorial youtube channels?

When I sat down to do a few more rows last night Max promptly ran over to sit right on my yarn and project. So I pushed her away. Seems she learnt something because the second time she went under.

Look at her eyeballing my yarn…

The other project is my jumper. I can finally see the end. The yoke is now almost done, despite having to frog the entire yolk a week back. So its just sleeves then then the collar and the stitching around the bottom then I am done. I think I dont have enough yarn to complete it so have ordered a couple more balls in a contrasting colour just to finish off the final touches. I cant wait to be able to wear it. Hopefully by next weeks post I will be able to hang it on the mannequin so you can get more of an idea of how it will look once finished.

Incidentally, for anyone who knits, could you tell me how you take such beautiful picyures of your half done knits – mayne its just mt tension amd the chunky yarn but my work is so curly its hard to make it go flat for pictures.