WIP Wednesday (09/11/17)

Hello all. Time for another WIP wednesday.

I finished the mittens to go with the hat. I have just finished writing up the patterns so I shouldnt be far off publishing.

I am no further along on the scarf – I am not too worried about it though as other projects are taking priority.

Those projects are the continuation of my partners christmas gifts and starting on a christmas wreath. I am still super behind on the myatery project but I am getting there. I am covering holiday in reception today and friday so hopefully it will be a quiet one and I will be able to get some quality crochet time in. I hope to get to the 50% point by the end of my shift on friday night. 

The wreath is just beginning so its nor terribly interesting right now but here it is anyway.

Once complete it will look something like this.

It is a pattern from one of last years christmas editions of Simply Crochet Magazine. The base of the wreath is done with three strands held together so its working up christmas. And its in cotton so is lively to work with. This is my home time project (since I cant crochet chris’ Christmas gift in front of him).

Am i the only one that is now starting to panic a bit – all the farmiliar reminders of christmas are creeping in, the christmas cups in the coffee shops, the first christmas advert of the season, the cristmas lights erected in the town center awaiting their switch on date, and of course the sudden drop in temperature that we have had this last week. And I am still nowhere near ready! Better get a mooch on eh!


A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 4 – Pom Poms

I apologise for the lateness of this post – I was working nights last weekend so forgot to post. 

This post contains many pom poms! Many MANY pom poms. However it didnt start that way! 

I originally had intended to make crayon galaxy baubles. This was my inspiration.

Arent they gorgeous? You can find the tutorial here

Unfortunately, what I produced was something so ugly I was too upset to take a photo – I just threw them straight away into the bin. I dont know what went wrong. I tried both large chunks right down to tiny shavings, I tried different methods of applying heat but I just couldnt get it to work. Perhaps it was the brand of crayon, or perhaps it really is crucial to use glass (I have a cat so had elected for plastic as it was much more kitty friendly). Anyways, 

So here I had half a pack of clear plastic baubles. Then I remembered a cute pic I had seen on pinterest using pom poms. 

I am sure you dont need a tutorial but here is the source of the image. 

These are mine. Its not terribly crafty but I still like them. 

But then I had rather a large amount of pom poms left over. But what I didnt have was a tree topper. So I knocked this up.

So there you are, lots of pom pom goodness for you. 

If you have given the crayon thing a go, what tips would you give. What could I be doing wrong? Let me know, and If you have made them feel free to share pics or posts with me! 

Tasty Choccy Orange Fudge Cake

Just poppin in to share with you a cake I made a couple of weeks ago as A gift for my partner for our anniversary.

It is a modified version of Mary Berrys Chocolate Fudge Cake, which you can find here

Here are the modifications I made:

1. I used the juice of 1 orange in the cake. I countered this by reducing the amount of milk in the recipe. 

2. I used smooth orange marmalade instead of apricot jam. 

3. I decorated with Terrys Choc Orange pieces – 1 bag contains plenty to decorate the cake and give yourself a reward for a job well done!

I love chocolate fudge cake and love to make little tweaks – what suggestions do you have?

WIP Wednesday (01/11/17)

I have made some good progress this week.

The mustard coloured jumper hasnt grown, nor has my pile of squares for my partners christmas gift.

However, I finished the hat and am now half way through making matching hand warmers. By which I mean I have 1 hand complete, so just have to copy that to make the second. 

The chunky wrap has evolved somewhat. I habe ripped it back and tried again 3 times since my last post, and have since decided to make a scarf instead, in star stitch. Its super chunky and soft so should be snuggly and warm when I come to wear it. 

Pumpkin Birthday Cake

First of all, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts the last week or two – I have been in a lot of lower back pain the last few weeks, Its been completely debilitating some days, So I have done little more than lay around in agony in my spare time. 

I have however been baking. 

As you may remember, it was my birthday on Saturday, so I wanted to bake some cake to take to work. I decided to go seasonal and make a pumpkin cake. Today I am sharing the recipe with you. I invented and published this recipe over 2 years ago but this time I remembered to take pictures before they all got scarfed down! So for the many of you who have been so lovely as to follow me since then, here is the recipe again!

250g Butter, Very Soft

225g Plain Flour

1tsp Bicarbonate of Soda

300g Golden Caster Sugar

3 Eggs

1tsp Ground Cinnamon

1tsp All Spice

1/2tsp Cardamon

300g Grated Pumpkin

2tbsp Golden Syrup


1. Preheat oven to 160C.

2. First, you should carve the top of the pumpkin off and empty out the insides. then carve it into wedges and peel. 

3. Grate the pumpkin. 300g of pumpkin is roughly half of a small pumpkin.

4. Cream the sugar and butter together until light and fluffy. Add the flour and other dried ingredients slowly to the butter and sugar mixture. it will become stiffer but should still be soft.

5. Crack the eggs into a mug and beat them until combined. add them slowly to the mixture. If you add them too quickly or do not mix it in thoroughly enough, the mixture could split. (If it splits, you can rescue it by adding a little more flour)

6. Add the pumpkin and mix in thoroughly. This is another opportunity for the mixture to split, some pumpkins have more moisture than others and if your pumpkin has a lot of water, it may reject the fats. Again this can be remedied by adding a little more flour to bind it back together.

7. Finally, stir in two tbsp of golden syrup.

8. Spoon into the cupcake cases prepared earlier and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. they should be golden in colour but still a little sticky. A skewer inserted into the center should come out clean.

9. Leave to cool and Ice as desired. Thid time I used vanilla frosting and gold pearls to decorate. 

I also had a bit of an icing experiment using glace icing. 

For this version of the cake I used the same amount of mixture and just cooked it in a cake tin for around 45minute to an hour. I then covered the cake with white glace, then piped a spiral of black glace on top then using a toothpick much like you would for standard feather icing I dragged a line from the center to the edge to create a sort of spider web effect. 

A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 3 – Pine Cones

Sorry it is late – I came down with a rotten cold over the last week and my brain has been a runny mess! 

This here is the photograph that inspired this weeks Very Pinterest Christmas project.

You can find the original source here.

I decided to go down the contemporary route and add pom poms (cause who doesnt need more pom poms in their life.

These are my two trees.

For the more traditional red one I just painted the tips of the cones whereas I just painted the whole lot for the candy coloured one! 

I feel they are less sophisticated than the original inspiration but they are lovely all the same.

The biggest tip I would share is that this is a project that requires some planning. For example, perhaps I am just a idiot but I really struggled to find plant pots – If I had thought a bit earlier to look then I would easily have found them in the end of season sales. But by the time I had thought of it the gardening sections had been replaced by the halloween/christmas section all bar the last dregs of summer stock. These two plant pots were the last on the shelf in Wilkos southport of all places. 40p a peice! I have 2 more so maybe they will get put to use too very soon. 

WIP Wednesday (18/10/17)

I have to admit I have been a bit hook happy this week – I have had so many ideas pop into my head so have just had to start a new project to get it out. 

As well as my mystery project, which I am still catching up on, (Chris is off to New York this week for work so I will have plenty of time to get through it and not have to worry about hiding it away before he gets home)

And my yellow jumper, which I have made no progress on.

I have started a chunky wrap

And a super soft beanie hat.

Finally I decided to frog back the project I started ages ago using my last Caron Cake and start again. I will still continue with the butterfly stitch but my end goal is now a little different.