Falling Blossoms

Hello all! I have a new Finished Object to show you.

This is the Falling Blossoms Shawl by Ana D Crochet.

I used Truly Hooked Standard Sock in colourway Pickled Cabbage.

Who knew you could fall so in love with a shawl.

I was so excited when I realised it matched the purple flowers on my favourite dress.

I don’t normally post so many pics of myself, but Chris (my fiancé) did such a good job of the photography I couldn’t pick just a few.

The details on this shawl design are incredible. The Lacey part is so intricate it looks much harder than it is. The resulting shawl is so light and summery. I wore it all day yesterday as we explored Greenwich and had our IKEA date. It is really easy to wear. Written within the design is an optional eyelet in the final pattern repeat, which allows you to thread the narrow end of the scarf into the wide end to keep it secure around your neck. This meant it stayed put the entire time I wore it!

And the yarn is utterly scrumptious. I loved working with it so much I went an ordered 2 more skeins! I got a Grey speckled and a turquoise speckled colourway.

And whilst I am here, I have to tell you about the dress. It’s from a company called Popsy Clothing. I found them when I was trying to find more ways to shop with British smaller businesses. I was also really desperate to find pretty dresses that I could wear every day with little fuss (lord knows I hate to iron). They are quite a small company but have really made a fantastic product. It is a company based in the Midlands (where all the dresses are designed and manufactured), run by a Female business owner, and they are really keen on body positivity. I really appreciate them as the owner has struggled with anxiety disorders, just like me, and cares so much about empowerment and confidence. She is just lovely and the dresses are fab quality. Oh, and did I forget to say – all the dresses have pockets! What more could you want. Check them out if you have the time.

WIP Wednesday (08/05/19)

My goodness! Does anyone else find that bank holidays make you feel all confused about what day it is? I expect it doesn’t help much that I went straight into nights after the bank holiday. I haven’t got the foggiest what day it is! But I thought I best pop in to share with you my WIP.

I am now at the end of section 2 of the Fallen Blossoms Shawl CAL, by Ana D Crochet. It’s hard to see but there are lots of little holes. I expect blocking will open them up a bit more. Section 3 is the actual flowers, so that should be fun. I can’t wait to finish it and get it on the blocking mat. And as luck would have it, my new job also affords me long enough periods of inactivity on the night shift for s bit of night shift crochet. So that is a bonus!

And She is Done!

I finished the sweater! So I am popping in to share it with you.

I figured since I am going to call this my NWR Jumper (I started it whilst on a Network Rail training course, and completely coincidentally I made it in network rail company colours), I thought I should take some Railway related photos! Luckily, I had to take the train to a beer festival yesterday so it presented the perfect opportunity for a few photos.

Here I am with a beer.

The weather was crazy yesterday. One minute it was sunny.

And the next minute it was tipping Buckets!

But we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

The pattern was published in Issue 82 of Simply Crochet Magazine and of designed by Fran Morgan.

I altered the pattern slightly, mostly unintentionally.

I failed to see that the work needed to be turned at the end of each round so I worked it in the round instead until I got to the blue part.

I like a longer jumper so I added a few extra cm to the length measurements given in the pattern.

The sleeves are supposed to to increase gradually for the entire length of the sleeve. I misread the pattern though so did the orange and speckled section of each sleeve before I realised so I had to squash all of the increases into a shorter space. (I don’t frog!).

The end is WYS The Croft in colourway Melby, Norwick and Stonybreck.

I am totally in love with this jumper. I would highly recommend it.

WIP Wednesday

Hello all. Just popping in with and update on my Crochet situation.

First of all, I am tantalisingly close to finishing my Ombre Colour Block Jumper. The pattern was published in Issue 82 of Simply Crochet Magazine and of designed by Fran Morgan. All ends sewn in and so now all I have to do is sew the sleeves on! How exciting. So whether permitting I will be able to get out and photograph it on the weekend.

And since this project is almost at an end, it was time to start a new project. So I joined a CAL.

This is the Falling Blossoms Shawl by Ana D Crochet. Isn’t it gorgeous. You can purchase the pattern here.

I fell in love with the shawl as soon as I saw it, and luckily already had a suitable yarn in my stash.

I will be using the top yarn in this photograph – Truly Hooked Standard Sock in colourway Pickled Cabbage. The CAL started this week and I am already 30 rows in. It’s working up beautifully. This is the lightest yarn I have ever used (it’s 3ply light weight sock) and it was fiddly on the first row but since then has been wonderful. I am almost at the end of section 1 already!

I Am Back

Hello All! I am so glad to say I Am BACK!

I finished my course on Monday, passing all of my exams (98%, 99% & 100%) and I smashed my final observation and so that is the first part of my Signalling Apprenticeship out of the way.

Now it is time for me to start signalling real trains full of people! But don’t worry, I will be under supervision by a qualified signaller until I am 100% competent. I am super excited!

But first, a week off. Living in a hotel miles away from home for 3 months, having no spare time, constantly studying and stressing, is exhausting. So I have taken a week off (as do most people who complete the course) to relax. So it’s time for some crochet!

I have 3 projects on the hook at the moment.

My Bryce Bag has seen no progress since I last shared it with you. It’s more of s TV crochet project and I haven’t really been able to watch TV a lot.

I have finally completed my first flattie from this ball of Ice Plaid. And have started an Octo.

And finally, I am making good headway on this jumper. It’s original name is Ombre Colour Block Jumper, but obviously this is not an ombre. So I think it will be called my NWR Jumper – since it is in Network Rail Company colours (completely unintended but quite the coincidence) and it was the project I was working on during my Network Rail Signalling Course.

Princess Max seems to approve.

March Makes

Hello all! I am afraid this month has been super low in crochet. In fact, I only managed to complete 1 project this month. That was my Second Divine Beanie.

I have just found it impossible to crochet whilst have been studying. This course is taking over my life right now. I am doing well but the final exam is now less than 2 weeks away and the final Observation is 2 weeks tomorrow. So every spare minute I have had has been spent either getting in extra practice on the simulator or revising.

I am working on a few different projects though, so here are some of my WIP’s.

I didn’t manage to make a donation to OFAPUK this month, because as well as having limited time to crochet, I also got sick, so couldn’t make them if I wanted to. So I intend to donate double next month. This is how far I got before getting sick.

Earlier in the month I dug to the bottom of my stash and started a handbag. So far I only have the base. It’s kind of boring at the mo since it’s just singles but I will get there.

And finally I am working on a jumper. Last time I shared this with you it was the Avary Jumper. But since then Simply Crochet released issue 82 which has a lovely V Stitch jumper which I loved so the Avary got frogged and this is how far I have got so far.

It’s working up so quickly! And has such a lovely texture. Since it’s worked in blocks, I decided to work the sleeves at the same time as the body. Once I have done the second sleeve orange bit, I will change colours and make the next section of the body.

Again, apologies for not being around so much. But I promise you, once this course is over, I will be back to normal running hopefully with lots of crochet lovelies to share! Wish me luck for my Finals!

WIP Wednesday (13/03/19)

Goodness me! I haven’t managed to post a WIP Wednesday post in time since mid January! This course has me studying so much that I barely have time for blogging. But today, I have remembered! Yay.

I currently have 3 WIP’s.

I am working on a colour block jumper using WYS The Croft. This is my weekend project as it is too large to be a travel project.

I am working on some octos for Octopus for a Preemie UK.

And in the name of stash busting I have been working my way through some balls of drops Muskat I have lying about to make a bag. This is my travel project.