My Birthday Celebrations

Good afternoon! How are we all? Today I am just popping by to share with you some of my birthday snaps. My birthday isnt for another few weeks but this was the only suitable weekend to celebrate, so off we went to liverpool to celebrate!

My primary reason for visiting was to get a tattoo from a wonderful artist called Sam at Idol Hands in Bold Street, Liverpool.

Isnt it sweet? It is Chi the cat from Chi Sweet Home, a Manga/Anime that I love.

Our secondary reason for visiting liverpool was the Southport Musical Firework Championships. We both absolutely love fireworks and these were without a doubt the best we had ever seen! There were so many colours and types we had never seen before and for just £16 for 7 displays of 18 minutes each, it really is worth going! You will be amazed! 

We had Icecream on the southport sea front!

Irn Bru and Rhubarb Custard icecream to be precise! (I also had ferrero rocher, bounty and coffee icecream but I didnt photograph them).

We took a wander down the peir, where there was an antique penny arcade!

In order to play you had to convert your modern money into old style pennies. 

And we did a little exploring along the coast (right at the start of the trans penine trail)

And to finish we visited a friend of my partners in Manchester who hasnt been well recently. We spent a total of 5.5 hours on the train yesterday, from southport to Manchester Vic, Manchecter Picadilly to Chester, then Chester to London Euston, across london then from London Vic to home! Phew! 

All in all we had a lovely weekend. It was cold and rainy and windy but it was great!
(If you got this far you may realise it is a bit late – I thought I published it but had actually only set it as draft, hence why you have only been notified now!)  


Introducing… Christmas 2017

Hasnt this year flown by? I dont know what is happening but its only 3 months until christmas! I am excited to say the least! And I thought I should really get on with the christmas crafting. So here it is, my christmas blog plan:


Dont we all spend so much time browsing around pinterest. We put loads of things in our boards and think ‘I will give that a go’ and then… nothing… we forget about it for another year. So this year, I will be going through some of my vast list of pinterest pins and trying to bump a few of them from to do to done. 

Simply Crochet Saturday (30/09/17)

This weekend I am away on a jolly to liverpool to celebrate my birthday! (Its not until 28th of October but I am working nights that week and the way that my rota works out means I have no free weekends either side of my birthday, so we are celebrating early!) So, Today I am only quickly popping in sharing with you this adorable little flower brooch.

It featured as the free gift in issue 43 of thr magazine. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I really enjoyed this little flower brooch. I did initially struggle with the parts where you have to single crochet around the posts of another single crochet. But I managed it in the end. The colours are lovely and for free acrylic its not actually that bad! 

WIP Wednesday (27/09/17)

Gosh this week I have got a lot of crocheting done. 

Firstly, I reached the 25% mark on the squares required for the mystery project – I have done one of every pattern and have now started from week 1 again. I currently have 14 squares complete and am on my fourth colour. 

And I started this

I initially planned for it to be a poncho but have had a change of heart and have now decided it should be a slouchy jumper instead. I really hope to have completed it in the next few days, as I would love to be able to wear it during my birthday celebrations this weekend. We shall see.

Of course, I still really want a poncho and I really REALLY love this yarn so I might have ordered some more…

Finally I have finished the components for my Hook a Heart bunting. I just need to get them together. 

Next week I hope to have many WIP’s. I finished my night shifts this morning, and I dont have to return to work until October 16th, so I forsee plenty of craftyness in the coming days! And I will be starting to make preperations for my christmas crafting blogs for this year! Keep your eyes peeled!

Adventure Tea Loaf Recipe

I love me some tea. So does my fiance. We particularly love a little tea shop called Yumchaa (you can go to their shop in soho or camden or buy online). They make gorgeous red, green, black and white tea blends all with their own wonderful carachters. Our favourite by far is a red tea called Adventure.

It is a rooibos with dried apple, kiwi fruit, almond pieces, hibiscus and caramel. It is spectacular! 

So I got to thinking, would this work as a good tea bread? And by god it does!

Its is sweet and fruity and is lovely toasted and drizzled with honey. I only wish I had a photograph to share with you but I ate it all up so fast I didnt get a chance! 

Here is the recipe!


200g glace cherries
2 tsp adventure tea
200ml hot water
300g flour
1tsp baking powder
110g caster sugar
1 egg


Add the hot water to the tea in a jug and leave to stew for about 10 minutes.

Chop up the glace cherries and place them in a bowl. 

Strain the tea and pour it over the cherries. Allow to sit for 20 minutes 

In a seperate bowl mix together all of the dry ingredients. 

Slowly add the contents of the cherry bowl into the mix, followed by the egg. Mix until smooth.

Pour into a loaf tin.

Bake for around 45mins on gas mark 6 or until a tooth pick inserted into the middle comes out clean. 

Enjoy with a lovely cup of adventure tea! 

Yarn Review – Wendy Ramsdale

I have decided that as I am an avid yarn purchaser and user, It would be a good idea to start formally reviewing the yarns. So I have come up with this template (please let me know if there is any information that you would find useful and I will include it in my next yarn review). I plan to release a new review every 2 weeks. 

Name: Wendy Ramsdale

Price: £3.29

Ball Weight: 50g

Yarn Weight: DK

Yardage: 112 Meters

Fibre Blend: 100% Ramsdale Wool

You can find my project using this yarn here.

What Are the Yarns Benefits

The yarn has a lovely feel to it – it is very rustic but is fairly soft too. This means it could be used for both rustic homewared and outerware.

It glides lovely over your hook, and when I used it it didnt seem to get tangled easy and there were no knots. 

It also goes far – I managed to design a waistcoat using just 2 balls! So in terms of cost effectiveness, it is great! 

What Are Its Drawbacks

Whilst the colours are lovely they are limited. They only come in 12 shades, so there isnt the greatest choice. 

It also has a tendency to pile a little – my waistcoat still looks cute but it is getting fluffy and the fringe has started to stick to its self. 

Finally, whilst I have said it is soft, I wouldnt say it is soft enough to be used for garments that would be in contact with sensitive areas such as scarfs.

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 6/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 6/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 7/10

Final Score – 19/30

Simply Crochet Saturday (23/09/17)

Isnt it getting nippy at the mo! I am on night shifts right now and I am genuinely contemplating digging out my thermals! 

Having said that, this cold does make me happy. I love it when the weather starts to turn because its a perfect time for jumpers and mittens and spiced drinks and on course its the start of the run up to christmas to me! Why, I plan to start crafting and writing for my christmas craft series very soon (keep your eyes peeled)!

So I think its only fitting that this weeks Simply Crochet Saturday should be on a festive theme.

This is the Festive Flurry snowflake christmas kit which came in issue 50 of the magazine. You can find it here on ravelry. 

I enjoyed making this pattern. The yarn (like many mettallics) was a little hard to work with but I can definately see myself working this pattern again! Maybe it will feature on some of my christmas cards this year! Who knows? We shall see!