WIP Wednesday (12/07/17)

Just a quick one today. The octopus is still as was. My battersea doggy blanket has grown another few rows – 10 to be precise. If my calculations are correct, i should have another 5 rows left. 

I am working nights again this week so hopefully both the octopus and the blanket will be finished. 

Battersea Doggy Blanket 2

I finished a second blanket! Wahooo!

This time I used up some of my purpley pinky yarns and made a simple granny blanket. 

I used up another 160g of yarn, which now puts me at 660g of yarn used up this month. I sure am going like the clappers!

For those of you who work in distances, I have used up 2083 yards – thats 1.18 miles! I am chuffed with myself! Its amazing what a bit of incentive can do for you! 

Some More Resolutions!

This last week has been really annoying. I cant really crochet as many of you will know because I am trying to heal my wrists and hands after finding out I am in the early stages of developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking about crafting and what I will do once my hands get better. And in the process, I appear to have come up with 2 more resolutions for this year.

The first is to completely get through all of my cheap acrylic yarns. I have a lot of cheap acrylic yarn lying about taking up space with no purpose. So I have decided that by the end of this year, I would like to have gotten through my stash so that I can have an acrylic free yarn collection. I think I will make small blankets and little toys with them then deliver them to Battersea Dog and Cat Home to keep their puppies and kittens warm and entertained! 

The other resolution is to learn a few more stitches. In the absence of being able to crochet, I have been noodling around pinterest and have seen loads of pretty stitches that I feel like I should know but dont! So watch this space! Hopefully my repetoir will be expanding soon!