WIP Wednesday (31/05/17)

I only just finished a new blanket yesterday (which I will post about later today) so I only have a very small amount of progress to show you this week.
Here it is. The start of my 3rd Doggy blanket. 

I am trying out a new stitch – the shell stitch, for which you can find the tutorial I used here.

I am not terribly pleased with the stitch definition, but then I think stitch definition is always a bit dissapointing with cheap acrylic yarns. If I revisit this stitch with some jewel coloured mercerised cotton I think it would look stunning! 

As an aside, I seem to be making a breakthrough with the cat! 

Max can often be a complete arse when I am crocheting, so I dont often get time to crochet at home. But recently I have been noticing more and more that she is now just happy to lay next to me and not eat my yarn or claw my leg! SUCCESS! I am not saying she is perfectly behaved around my yarn yet but she is getting there!

Also, anyone got any tips on how to deter a crow? A crow has recently taken up residence next to my block of flats, and I am not kidding you, if it was human it would have been served an asbo already! It keeps skwawking its little head off at 4am in the morning, it wanders around our car park being intimidating, it skwawks all day, and it attacks any other bird that dares to step into its territory! I think the main problem is litter – crows are attracted to rubbish, and the people living in this estate have absolutely no respect for communal bin stores which means when the bin men come they are unable to take all of our waste and before you know it we have a trail of rubbish which attracts rats, foxes and now it would seem, crows… any tips would be appreciate it. I cant put up a scarecrow, as its a communal area, but maybe there are other detterents?