May Makes

Gosh it’s been a while since I did one of these. Apparently I didn’t finish a single project in April. And only finished a single project in March. I definitely made up for the slack this month though!

I started May by completing my NWR Jumper.

Then I finished my Falling Blossoms Shawl.

After that came my Flower Child Beanie.

And then I finally completed my bundle of OFAPUK critters.

And to finish off the month, I made this Neon Moon Jumper.

I am very pleased with myself, and hope I can keep up this rythm. We are now 6 months in to the year (scary isn’t it) and I am not even half way to my Ravelry Project Goal, and I. Have only used a 3rd of the yardage of yarn I did last year, so I need to get my skates on and crochet faster!

March Makes

Hello all! I am afraid this month has been super low in crochet. In fact, I only managed to complete 1 project this month. That was my Second Divine Beanie.

I have just found it impossible to crochet whilst have been studying. This course is taking over my life right now. I am doing well but the final exam is now less than 2 weeks away and the final Observation is 2 weeks tomorrow. So every spare minute I have had has been spent either getting in extra practice on the simulator or revising.

I am working on a few different projects though, so here are some of my WIP’s.

I didn’t manage to make a donation to OFAPUK this month, because as well as having limited time to crochet, I also got sick, so couldn’t make them if I wanted to. So I intend to donate double next month. This is how far I got before getting sick.

Earlier in the month I dug to the bottom of my stash and started a handbag. So far I only have the base. It’s kind of boring at the mo since it’s just singles but I will get there.

And finally I am working on a jumper. Last time I shared this with you it was the Avary Jumper. But since then Simply Crochet released issue 82 which has a lovely V Stitch jumper which I loved so the Avary got frogged and this is how far I have got so far.

It’s working up so quickly! And has such a lovely texture. Since it’s worked in blocks, I decided to work the sleeves at the same time as the body. Once I have done the second sleeve orange bit, I will change colours and make the next section of the body.

Again, apologies for not being around so much. But I promise you, once this course is over, I will be back to normal running hopefully with lots of crochet lovelies to share! Wish me luck for my Finals!

February Makes

Blimey! Every year, I seem to miss February ending. I am chugging along , thinking ‘I still have 5 or 6 days til March then bam, it’s March! Even though I have now experienced 27 February’s, it still comes as a shock to me when march arrives so early!

Anyways, it feels a bit daft doing a Rundown of my February makes, since I only really shared them all with you this last week, but for the sake of continuity, here is my February in crochet.

2018 In Crochet

My goodness! This had been my most prolific year yet! I crocheted so much more than I thought possible! 













Wow! What a busy year! And now for some statistics.

Ravelry tells me I have completed 86 projects this year. When Ravelry released the goal feature they have where you can set a goal for number of projects completed, I set a target of 60. So I most definately smashed through that target!

I have used 20684 yards of yarn this year which equates to 11.8 miles of yarn. Thats insane.

My most commonly used yarn weight this year seems to be 4ply, which is kinda cool because at the beginning of the year I had always said I couldnt manage lighterweight yarns. 

And as for firsts – I created my first Octo for Ofapuk, I created my first sweater. And for the first time, I used 4ply yarn. 

December Makes

Its the end of December so its time to round up my completed projects for the month. I dont seem to have finished as many projects this month, but the ones I have finished have been quite time consuming!

First, I completed this Hotel Of Bees Shawl.

Then, I completed this Loot Llama

And of course I made a little pair of octos for OFAPUK. 

Finally I completed my Esja Sweater

November Makes

I started the month with the Sophine Scarf

I made my first Wanderlust Beanie

These Mountain Road Chevron Mitts

This headband

Then the Simple Scallops shawl

Followed by my second wanderlust beanie

And matching scarf.

Next came this Oven Glove

And hot pad

Then some more mittens,

And another Wanderlust Scarf

As well as my November OFAPUK donation. 

Wow what a busy month. I dont think I have gone even a day without crochet! But its all worth it, to finish the christmas gift list in time to relax a bit before christmas arrives! Just 2 christmas gifts to go!

October Makes

Whoopsy! As I was in America last week I got very behind on my blogging. But here I finally am with my roundup of Octobers Makes. 

First, I finished my Honeybuns Beanue

Then I made this tiny baby beanie.

And these 2 Jeanie Beanies.

And these 2 1hr Beanies.

I made another Desert Wind scarf.

Then this Mackinack Beanie.

I sent in a parcel of 17 critters to OFAPUK.

And finally I finished off 2 pairs of Saturday Slippers. 
What a month! But I cant slow down, christmas is iminent! Time to crochet faster than ever!