Cosy Mittens

Hello all! I have another finished object to share with you which I completed at the weekend.

These are the Crossed Stitch Fingerless Gloves by Little Golden Nook.

Aren’t they just lovely? Even in a fuzzy yarn like Sitdar Freya, the pattern texture shows through.

I had planned to make these mittens part of my donation to Knit for peace, but it’s such a struggle to give them up. Having said that, with the crazy warm weather we have been getting recently I wouldn’t need them at all, so if I really wanted to I could nock out another pair when winter comes around again.

Autumn Mittens

Another christmas gift. This time some mittens. I really have been on a roll this week! 

I had originally planned to use a different yarn and different pattern for this recipient. But I didnt get along with the yarn so decided on something else instead. 

This is the Cozy Autumn Fingerless Glove pattern by Nikki Loud. You can find it here. I made them for a recipient with tiny hands so I went down a hooksize – the pattern required a 6 and a 5.5 so I used a 5 and a 4.5. 

The Yarn is Sirdar Freya. It has a surprising yardage for a Chunky yarn, with 120 yards to 50g. You only need 1 ball for these mittens, with yarn to spare! And it is gorgeous yarn. From afar this looks purple, but when you get up close there are delicate little flecks of all the dofferent colours of the rainbow!
And now I have completed these, its 19 gifts finished, just 3 to go! We are on the home stretch! 

Pretty Things I Have Bought Recently

Its time for another Haul post! Just popping in to share with you some bargains I have recently found!

I found these wonderful heart stickers in a shop called HEMA. The larticular store was in Victoria station. I had never heard of this store before the day I got these, but man am I in love! As well as a modest craft section, they also have really yummy syrup waffles and paprika chips to die for, and lots of other fab things! These stickers were just 75 pence. Bargain!

I bought these lovely ribbon sets on the same day as the above stickers, again, whilst I was trying to waste time in Victoria station. Anothrr first, in that I was competely unaware that there was an upstairs to the store. Was I glad to learn of this when I found these bargains! 12 meters of fabulous ribbons for just £2.55. Thats just 21p per meter. I thought they were perfect for cards. I particularly liked the red and white ribbon, I may fashion it into some sort of candy cane embellishment.

And saving the best until last, I bought 2 balls of this lovely Sirdar Freya yarn. Isnt it lovely? I absolutely love the colour flecks and the rustic feel of the yarn. It is so beautiful, I just had to have it! And at over a third off, (I payed £2 a ball, original price £3.25) I think this is a brilliant bargain. I just have to decide what to make with it!