Minty Lemonade!


I went to Honest burger recently. They had just opened a local branch (in greenwich), and as locals, we had been lucky enough to receive vouchers for a free meal. So we popped in on wednesday! 

It was super super tasty! The picture above is my lovely fiance with a stack of enourmous onion rings! 

Normally I would have a beer but as I was working at 7am the next day, (in a 0 tolerance job), I decided to go for a mint lemonade! 

It was divine! I fell in love! So much so in fact that when I came home, I decided I needed to re-create the lemonade for myself!

It iant as green but it is very minty and very yummy! 

Here is the recipe!

1.75ltrs Water

400g Granulated Sugar

4 Lemons (or enough to make 250ml lemon juice)

10 Mint Leafs


Heat up 250ml of the water

Add in the sugar and heat until all sugar is disolves

Place in the fridge to chill.

Juice the 4 lemons (or however many you need to create 250ml lemon juice).

Chop up all of the mint leaves until they are in very small peices.

Add the lemons and mint to the sugary solution which you prepared earlier then top up to 2 litres with the rest of the water. 

Serve poured over ice!

Let me know what you think. I loved sipping on it whilst relaxing on the lovely sunny sunday we just had! 

Barley Biscuit Experiment

I like to experiment with cooking! I like to try new things. In February I got the awesome chance to go to a brewery (Signature Brew, based in Leyton) and help them brew a new beer for a festival they would be attending. Here I am with the brewery team.

When it came time to remove the cooked barley malts from the mash, I was stood there looking at the skip full of used barley and thinking it looked like oatmeal. Now, most industrial brewers send them off to local farmers as horse feed, therefore not wasting anything. When my partner and I do a small home brew, however, we do not have anywhere to put them, so they go in the bin. I wouldn’t be guilty about this but since we don’t have a garden I can’t compost them and since we don’t have a food waste collection they can’t be turned into anything else useful. S I set about thinking what else I could do with them.
In the end, I decided to do a bit of a cookie based experiment. I used the same base ingredients as my chocolate chip and butterscotch oat cookies, but instead of adding the dried oats, I added large spoons of cooked barley one at a time until it had reached the desired consistency.

Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out so great. I mean they are edible, but not terribly enjoyable. I think the problem is because they were wet, they added an extra amount of liquid that I did not account for. I think the dampness of the oats contributed also to the excess of starch – they have a very starchy flavour.

I think for a first experiment, they were ok. I think I will have a bit of a noodle around on the internet and see if I can find a way to dry them out. Then maybe I will try again with more success!
Do any of you home brew? Got any tips or tricks? What do you do with the by-products. Let me know in the comments!

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake


My partner was away at the beginning of this week, as was his dad. Both on (seperate) business trips. So I decided I would pop over to his dads wifes’ house for some dinner and a chat! Now, I thought it would be nice of me to take some form of desserty goodness, and it occured to me that this was my chance to enjoy some lemon curdy goodness! My partner hates lemon curd (as some of you may remember if you were reading my bake off series) so I stear clear of it usually but since he isnt here I thought this was the perfect opportunity. 
Unfortunately it didnt set in time so I now have to eat the whole thing on my own (which is surprisingly different) .

Anyways, here is the recipe.


Half a Pack of Digestive Biscuits

75g Butter, Melted Butter

1 Jar Lemon Curd

2 tubs of Phillidelphia

1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1tbsp Lemon Juice

4 Mirengue Nests


First crush up the digestive biscuits then mix in the melted butter. Press into the base of a greased and lines cake tin.

Spoon in the jar of lemon curd and and spread evenly over the base leaving around a centimeter around the edge. Place in the refridgerator.

Place the cream cheese into a bowl and whisk it until light and smooth.

Gradually whisk in the condensed milk and the teaspoon of lemon juice until you have a lovely smooth mixture.

Pout into the cake tin. 

Top with crushed up meringue nests.

Place in the freezer and leave until set (overnight is best). 

Slice up and enjoy! 

Indian Roti Recipe

I aboslutely love indian food. I would say I cook curry at least once a week. Its just so flavoursome and warming. And, surprisingly healthy (depending on your choice of meat, obviously). And I absolutely love indian breads. I make quite good naan but that is time consuming so requires a lot of thought and planning. But Roti on the other hand…

I originally learnt how to make Roti at a cooking festival – I remember sitting in one of the show kitchens and watching Shelina Permalloo showing how to make it and I thought it was crazy how easy it looked, so I went home and I gave it a go. And I have been making them ever since. 

This here is my adaptation.

All you need is Flour and Water. I know! Crazy right! But it works.

I add an extra level to it by bunging in some spices from my store cupboard. I particularly like to use madras spice or turmeric, cumin or garlic. 

So here is what you do. 

First create a dough. There really is no exact science of measurement to it. Just whack some flour (and any spices you would like) into a bowl and then gradually add in water until it comes together to create a dough.  

Divide the dough into however many roti you would like. Each peice of dough should be around the size of a satsuma.

Roll out into a rough sircle shape. Isong a pastry brush lightly brush the surface with oil (olive oil or vegetable oil will do).

Then fold as follows. 

Roll out again to a similar size as before. The oil keeps the layers seperate giving a satisfying texture when cooked.

Heat up an iron frying pan until really hot and brush with a small amount of oil.

Place the bread onto the hot pan. Leave it to sit for 30 seconds. You should see little air bubbles appearing in the dough. 

Flip and cook for another 30 seconds.

Remove from the pan and devour warm as a side to a lovely warm curry. 

See I told you it was easy! Its so easy that I often nock some up as a snack! I am sure you will all be giving them ago! Let me know when you do! 

Chocolate & Butterscotch Oat Cookies

Today I am poppin in to share with you a new recipe that I concocted! 

In fact, my next three posts will be recipes! Arent you lucky! I have been having a real urge to bake so I have three new recipes to share with you.

Today, I want to share with you my chocolate and butterscotch oat cookies. I can tell, you are already drooling! They are super chewy and super yummy and the oats and butterscotch compliment each other perfectly! 

Here is the recipe!


110g Softened Butter

50g Caster Sugar

100g Light Brown Soft Sugar

1 Egg

75g Flour

A Pinch of Bicarb

125g Oats

60g Chocolate Chips

60g Butterscotch Chips


Preheat the oven to 170 degrees.

First, cream together the butter and sugar.

Beat in the egg.

Then mix in the flour and bicarb, followed by the oats.

Finally, stir in the chocolate and butterscotch chips.

Take a heaped teaspoon of mixture and roll it into a ball. Place the cookie balls on a greased cookie sheet with plenty of space to spread. There is no need to squash them down.

Bake for around 12 minutes until golden.

Make sure to leave them to cool completely before removing them from the tray – otherwise the middle of the cookie may stick and you will loose the chewiest scrummyest bit! 

Let me know if you give them a go! They are chewy and chocolatey and totally tasty! 

Sweet Squash Cake

I love to experiment with cake. Trying new flavours or ingredients keeps it interesting! So when my parents told me thry would be visiting me, I had the perfect opportunity to do some baking! 

I decided I would like to make a root vegetable cake, so why not try butternut squash, I thought.

This was the result!

It turned out a bit like bread pudding! It was super sweet and moist! I think this is because I used a bit too much butternut squash – so if you would prefer it cakey you can remove around 150g of the butternut squash. However, as it is, my partner and my mum and dad all love bread pudding so they really enjoyed it as it is!

Here is the recipe!


250g self-raising flour

400g golden caster sugar

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

1 teaspoon ginger

350ml veg oil

4 eggs

350-500g grated butternut squash


1. Mix together all dry ingredients

2. Add in the oil mixing in gradually.

3. Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat until smooth and combined. Then mix them into the cake mix gradually.

4. Finally mix in the grated butternut squash a handful at a time. 

5. Pour into a loaf tin – this recipe is enough for 2 loafs.

6. Bake on a lower shelf for 20 minutes at 180 degrees. Then check on the cakes progress – the more butternut squash you put in the moister the mixture will be so the longer it will take to cook. Keep adding 5 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clear. 

And there you are! All done! Yummy yummy yummy! If you give it a go let me know what you think. 

Rocky Road Brownie Fudge

Doesnt that sound scrummy?

I have had a can of condensed milk in my cupboard for a few months now, with the intention of making fudge, and hadnt gotten round to it. The other day I felt like making something, so out of the cupboard it came. I looked in my cupboard to see what I could find, and thid is what I came up with! 

And here is my recipe. Enjoy!

1 can of condensed milk

7.5 tbsp butter

750g powder sugar

15 tbsp cocoa

2.5 tsp vanilla

A pinch salt

3 large handfuls of marshmallows

Half a packet of digestive biscuits, roughly crushed


First of all sift all of the dry ingredients into a large bowl and combine for an even mixture.

Then place the butter and the condensed milk into a saucepan and heat until slightly bubbling. 

Gradually whisk in the dry ingredients. 

Once fully combined keep whisking on a low heat until smooth and glossy. 

Take off of the heat and mix in half of the marshmallows and the crushed biscuits.

Pour into a lined brownie tin.

Top with marshmallows.Use a small sheet of greaseproof to push down on the marshmallow topping, just to make sure it is stuck. 

Refridgerate for at least 2 hours, until set. 

Turn out of the brownie tin and remove the greaseproof. Cut into little squares and enjoy!

I think this fudge is really yummy! Its almost like eating a really fudgy brownie! I love it! I hope you do too!